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  1. Has anyone ever used like a sweet chilli sauce, instead of mustard, to help the rub stick to the meat? Thinking of trying with like an Asian style rub for pork butt.
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    You don't need anything to make the rub stick. The meat is damp enough.

    Now if you are looking to add flavor go ahead and try anything you want. If you've been using mustard you've probably noticed you don't get any mustard flavor.
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  3. Thanks. I haven't done anything yet. I have read other people doing the mustard then rub and was just wondering. Didn't want to waste the sweet chilli sauce. It ain't cheap.
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    I think if you want flavor then give it a whirl but if its just to get your rub to stick then I wouldn't.

    Like Case said I just put the rub strait on the meat. If I was you that is what I would do and then do a sweet chili sauce mixed in with the pulled or on the side like BBQ sauce.

    Good luck.
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       I wondered why the "Professionals" used plain mustard..waste of money to use Dijon as the smoke kills the mustard taste..if you want mustard taste add dry mustard to the rub..!!  Probably better off to glaze with any type of sauce half way through. I use Jalapeno jelly that has been warmed in the micro wave for a simple glaze.
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  6. Using a sweet chili sauce to get the rub to stick to the meat?  You're asking for trouble.  Sweet chili sauce has an inordinate amount of white sugar and corn syrup as its base.  Put that on a piece of meat before the last 20-30 minutes of a cook, and both will burn, leaving a putrid taste on the meat. 

    If you must, reserve this for no more than the last half-hour of your cook.  I don't like anything hiding the meat flavor, personally:  I'd rather add my own quantity with it on the side, versus having the whole thing bathed in some type of sauce.  My $0.02.
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