Supper for tomorrow - Rib Eye Roast

Discussion in 'Beef' started by 357mag, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Got a great deal on rib eye for $6.99/lb for Angus beef.


    Wow, I can hardly wait. I was going to rush home and put it in the smoker today, but why rush things and not do a good job. If I have it tomorrow I can take the time to do it right.

    More qview to follow tomorrow.
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    Nows thats a good idea. Take your time for you really don't want to mess this thing up. Plus I can't get there till tomoorrow anyway. But have you done one before?? if not they're easy I would just put salt, pepper, and garlic on it and then let it go to maybe a internal temp of 135° for rare and maybe 140° for med rare. I wouldn't recommend going any higher then 145° then you might cook all the flavor away. Here's one of the last I did. rib/  

    There're really that good.
  3. I've never done one before. I have been disappointed with the prime rib that I have been getting in restaurants lately and I know that I can do better.

    Just so I know how to time the complete meal, how long per pound do I cook this at 225°-  230° to reach about 140° internal?

    Also, do you inject?
  4. Here are some more qviews.

    4 hours cooking to 130° IT and ready to rest.


    Sliced and ready to eat. It sure was good! Very flavorful and tender.


    Sorry for the crappy pictures. Did it with my phone.

    No pictures of it plated because once it hit the plate we were all over it.
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    nice work!  Sorry I missed it.  My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail!!!  [​IMG]
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    Nice cut of beef and nice job on the smoke.  The price tag usually shocks me a little too much to pick up one of those... call it the newly wed (well, a year ago) cost savings blues...

    Thanks for sharing.
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    Nice job! and thanks to mballi for the good advice.  I gotta get me one of those soon!

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