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  1. Im new to smoking(6mos approx) and hv smoked ribs, butts ect.for 6months (NEWBIE)How I may need to post in diff section so plz forgive if i posted in wrong area. computer skills need help also. I hv a MES gen 2 smoker. Replaced the control already .the temp is not correct & i use a digital thermoter to ck temp. In the past temp was 10-15 degree off. I put 2-butts on 5lb & 7lb at 3;30 a.m. The prob im having is temp will not rise above 175 range so far & its been on since 3:30 A.M. My question is WHY? I know Masterbuilt hving control issues. How is this going to effect my Smoke?? I know it will extend smoke time (planned 1-1/2 hour per pound Approx) but will go by internal temp of butts. i have had butt & 2-3 racks smoking at same time and didnt hv this prob w getting tempup tp 225. I NEED HELP OR MY SUPER BOWL BUTTS WILL NOT BE 'SUPER' AT ALL. THANKS FOR IDEALS I LOVE THE PEOPLE & FORUM!!!!!! THANKS FOR FEEDBACK & ANY HELP/IDEALS LARRYACGUY
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    Don't sweat it, go as hot as you can go which will get you past the stall quicker.

    I get my butts done in 45 per lb going 275-300ish.  Check for probe tender ( probes like butter) @ 195, if it's not keep it on to around 200, wrap rest and pull
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    hi, larry. someone else will be able to help better on getting the temp up, but i can tell you that butts cooked to a finish using low temps

    can be great. i've done it.

    unfortunately, there are safety issues if you have pierced the meat with probes or by injecting.

    the bad news is that when i smoked butts at those temps it took 24 hours to finish.
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    i see there is some confusion here. are you talking about the temp of the smoker or the IT [internal temp] of the meat?
  5. If your MES won't get above 175° their is no way you will ever get them cooked to 200°-205° so you may have to jump ship and move them to the oven.

    Here is something for you to check If you know that 175° is really the smoker temp. 

    1. are you using an extension cord??? If so that may be your problem!!!

    2. Do you have a large foil or? drip pan in the MES under the butt??? If so It is blocking the heat! 

    If not finish in the oven and call MES Monday.

    Happy smoken.

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    Put the smoke to them for 3 hrs and DO NOT OPEN the door, recovery time in the MES is horrible.  then move to the oven to finish them off.

    You'll be fine in time for the game.
  7. The temp was smoker temp. i have nNOT put probe into butt to check temp . Should i probe the 7 lb (on bottom rack closer to element) or smaller 5 lb on upper rack? I dont want to open door since im hving problems getting temps to 225. i hv loaded up smoker before with no problems getting to 225??? I think this is related to masterbuilt temp product issues. i wonder if other MES owners hving these problems. Smokin is suposed to b fun but this is not helping because i want to hv a good "smoke"!!! & the pressure is on, (maybe im making too much of it and this is nornal, idk. Is this "the stall i hv read about on forum??
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    Like I said earlier, recovery time in the MES is horrible after the door has been opened and I you are right thinking not to open the door. that being the case, if you have 3-4 hrs of smoke on them I would go ahead and move them to the oven to finish them off. I have  the 30 and the 40 MES, and my 40 has never really cooked correctly. The 30 is right on the button. Others I know have issues similar to yours. Good Luck .
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    Larry, it comes down to necessity at the moment.  I totally agree, get 3-4 hours of smoke on them, pull, double wrap in foil and use the oven. If you have the time the oven can be @250º but at this point I would suggest going to 300º. Hopefully you have a remote thermometer you can insert to watch the IT temps.  Remove them @ 200-203º IT, wrap in beach towels and put in a cooler for at least one hour, two if you can.
  10. Well , guess I got all worked up for nothing. I put a temp probe into the 7 lb butt about 10;00a.m. temp was 180 degrees  by 11:00 a.m. the temp was starting to RISE!!!!!! slowly!!!!! It reached 200 finally  and I foiled it and let rest for hour or so. I guess that is "THE STALL" I have heard so much about.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the pulled pork. I forgot the pics. Thanks for all the advice..  Maybe next time I will set the butt out of fridge for hour to warm up  before it goes straight into smoker, maybe that will help w low  starting temps.  If the temp probe of digital thermometer was touching wire rack would that cause a bad reading?? just wondering?   Thanks Larry
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    Yes that could cause a bad reading. Glad it worked out for you.

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