Super Bowl boneless pork shoulder

Discussion in 'Pork' started by kobra5198, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. kobra5198

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    Fully seasoned, Memphis rub, after sitting in the fridge for 2

    days. Brought up to room temp. before going into Bradley 6

    rack smoker.

    Had to pull the shoulder out after 11 hrs. at an IT of 160. I

    wanted to try and get the IT up to 180 before removing but I didn't

    want to over cook it thru the night. Oven temp was 210 with

    2 apple and 1 hickory smoke, in that order for 4 hrs. I did the

    FTC over night in the furnace room, approx. 9 hrs. Nice and

    moist with a bit of juice after unwrapping that went into the BBQ sauce. 

    I wish I had started smoking years ago!!
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     You do not need or want to bring meat up to room temp, your smoker will perform that for you and you're endangering getting excessive pathogens on the surface of the meat which can potentially cause food poisoning.  Also, you should roast at a higher temp (225° to 250°) to bring internal temp from 40° to 140° within 4 hours for the very same reason.  Cured products don't need to follow the 4 hour rule but still need to cook at temp.
  3. Nice, looks Awesome   Good Job

  4. kobra5198

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    Pops6927; I, like you, have read posts that say by not bringing the internal temp. of the meat up this will unnecessarily delay the smoking/cooking of the meat and will also cause the possibility of pathogens. I can readily see the validity of your statement and agree with it. Which is the best way to eliminate that possibility? As a new smoker I am confused and am relying on experienced people, such as yourself, for advise. Please don't get me wrong because your, and other members on this site, experiences and knowledge are invaluable and to that I am very thankful. If you want to start a new thread Pops6927 regarding this point, please feel free. It would be interesting to see the comments and debate. A dumb question I know but what does OBTS stand for? Thanks Gary for your comment. 
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