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    First let me pictures. Recently got one of Todd's 18" smoking tubes. Was curious to try it out so I seasoned it and put the Pitmasters Choice pellets back in it. Had the wife slice off some 3" pieces from a Pepperjack block. Into the BGE they went. Dome temperature never got over 65*. No vacuum sealer yet so just Saran wrapped and into the fridge for 2 weeks. Just sliced the first chunk that was smoked for an hour...delicious is all the wife could say. Going to try the butter tomorrow. And perhaps the cheese that was on there for 2 hours...
  2. I am glad it turned out well. It will be much better after the rest.

    Happy smoken.


  3. inkjunkie

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    Been resting for 2 weeks. Roughest 2 weeks of my life....
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    I assume you have some sort of fine mesh material such as Todd's Q-Matz to support the butter cubes while being smoked. 
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    That's exactly what I used...after all, that is what a friend (you) suggested I used when he messaged me about how to smoke butter and cheese...:yahoo:
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