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    This is how we smoke ham at our restaurant. First rule, keep it simple. Second rule, no brining or injections. Third rule, pull from fridge, rinse, rub with oil and season with a basic rub. Salt and pepper works just fine. We use Farmland steamship pork. Great product!
    That is a pic of 10. Weights from 16lbs to 20lbs. That means, I pulled the hams off at different times.
    These hams are done any where from 145 to 160 degrees. Each ham is different. How I tell is when I stick the thermometer in. The feel you want is like sticking it in buter. I keep my smoker at 250 degrees for any meat.I smoke using only oak.
    Goodluck all.
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    AKA probe test    [​IMG]
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    Looks like a tasty ham!
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    Wish I had your ham over the honey baked one we had at Christmas!
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    Very pretty ham.  Nice job.


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