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  1. I was seasoning my smoker last night and the instructions recommended 2-3lbs of charcoal, then get the temp up to 250 and maintain it for 2 hours. Then open the smokestack, add charcoal and get the temp up to 400 and maintain it for 1 hour. Well I must of used too much charcoal to start with because it went over 400 for a long time - I kept opening the lid to keep it from going over 400.

    Anyway ..I couldnt keep it at a steady temp until the coals burned way down. Is there a good way to measure out the starting amount of charcoal so I dont overdo it?

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    What kind of smoker do you have?
  3. Its a Brinkmann Barrel Smoker.
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    Hey KC, for what it's worth, I have found in my limited time on my smoker that natural wood charcoal seems to burn quickly and not that hot. Regular charcoal briskets (e.g. Kingsford) run hotter and longer and lump charcoal burns the hottest and the longest for me. I have a Brinkman SnP so it's different than what you have but the coal will burn the same.

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