Stainless steel A&W root beer drum. Need help please.

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by 12ring, Feb 4, 2015.

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    So I have been wanting to build my buddy a smoker. I was going to build him a mini like mine but he likes brisket and likes to have parties so I thought uds might be a better fit for him. I have read tons and tons about building a uds so I think I have most everything down except the lid and I may have a issue with the distance from charcoal basket to cooking rack.

    Here's the stainless steel A&W drum. I'm going to take off the outer shell, (that's already coming off) straighten it as good as possible and pop rivet it back on so it acts as a wind break.

    This drum is a little fatter and shorter that a typical 55 gallon drum. The top opening measures right a 24" and it is only 29" from the inside bottom to the top of the lip. I have read that most guys like to hang their first rack 24" from the bottom of the charcoal basket. I don't think that will be a option. If I make the basket 2" off the bottom that would only leave me 3" before the lid. So I was thinking of placing the rack 8" down form the top which would make my measurement 19" from the bottom of the charcoal basket to the rack. If that will cause to much direct heat, I thought I would put in a diffuser like this and cover it in foil.

    The biggest issue I think is going to be making a lid. I thought maybe flattening the edge of a weber lid but it will still be about a quarter inch to small to fit. Does anyone have a suggestion on what to use for a lid or how I could go about making one? Thanks for any help.
  2. It should make a nice smoker. You could cut a lid out of flat steel the put a piece of 3/4" bar stock around the outside to form a lip.

    Happy smoken.


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