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  1. Hello fellow Q-dawgs,

    I'm Sean and I live in Portland Oregon. I bought an old Traeger BBQ100 ( I think, it is so old I'm not exactly sure what model it is ) a few years ago and have been enjoying using it while rebuilding most of the internal components. Now I've replaced most of the running gear so I can get it up to the proper temp for chickens and such. I run my own small sheet metal shop specializing in stainless steel for commercial kitchens. I've been enjoying all the cool recipes and gear here on SMF and am glad to be a part of it. Smoke it up!
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    welcome to your new addiction (the forums)... I see a custom built stainless smoker in your future ...
  3. Yes I'm planning some stainless replacement work surfaces, drip pan, grate, fire cup, and some doohicky hangers. I'm also thinking of a cold smoker cabinet. I'll play around with that one first. A coworker of mine made one out of a large terracotta pot which worked well so it doesn't have to be fancy at first. Just later.
  4. Hello Sean, welcome to the forum from sunny East Texas

    Gary S

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