St Louis Cut Ribs this weekend...any tips for good rub???

Discussion in 'New England Members Group' started by na na, Jul 1, 2014.

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    Gonna fire up my new vertical smoker this weekend with 3 racks of St Louis Cut ribs.  I have some All Purpose Rubs I have used in the past that are OK, but looking to try something new that has a good flavor, some heat (but not overpowering).   Any suggestions?  The smoker I am using is pictured in my avatar.  Thanks in advance!!
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    That's a pretty sweet smoker! Glad you joined the New England Group. I just use a simple rub of salt, pepper brown sugar, chili powder, garlic powder, cumin and some cajun seasoning that winds up on almost everything I cook. I'm not even sure what is in it. Makes a darn good rub and easy to mix up. Sometimes I add a little red pepper if I am feeling the need for a little extra heat. 
  3. na na

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    Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for the compliment on the smoker.  Can't wait to try it this weekend.  I'll have to try one of the racks with your suggestion and see how it come out.  The All Purpose Rub I've been using has most of the things you mention except for the cumin.

    I've found that cumin makes a big difference.  I have a grilled corn on the cob recipe that I've done that has a mop with cumin in it, that is out of this world.  My wife doesn't like corn....AT ALL.....but she will eat 2-3 ears of my grilled corn on the cob with this mop that I use.

    Thanks again!!
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    maybe change it up a little bit? Little more cumin and chili powder and a little less brown sugar... I don't think there is any better way to cook corn than smoked with some seasoning and butter... man oh man, if everyone knew what we know you wouldn't be able to buy a smoker and this website would crash![​IMG]  (from all the new users)
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