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  1. I am going to make Baloney from Venison and Pork.  I am planning a 25lb batch. I have used Dried Milk before but wanted to try Soy Protein. About how much soy protein would I use for 25lbs? And how much water?   Also I have been having a problem with meat sticking to the casing when I peel the casing off. Any suggestions ? I use Collagen casings.  Thanks    I am not sure if I have asked these questions in the right place, this is my first post.
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    If it's just soy protein you don't want to use more the 2%  of the total weight ortherwise it will effect the flavor. 25 pounds of meat would use a max of 0.5 pounds. Soy protein concentrate can be used up to 3% and I think they will absorbe 4 times there own weight.

    What do you have for soy? was there any directions with it?

    Is there a chance you have a protein lined casing?,  they are made to stick to the meat.

    Also I think lack of humidity in the later half of the smoke will do this.

    I remember there is a way to correct it but just can't rember what it is right now.[​IMG]

    Oh and lastly......Welcome to the forums
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  3. I do not have the Soy Protein yet. Just thinking abput trying it.  I am so new that I do not know about the casings, but will try to find out. Thanks for the information.
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    Welcome beavercreek.....

    I have used soy protein in my andouille and no-casing beef sticks.

    I start with an andouille mix and the directions say add 4 oz of say protein to 10 Lbs of meat. That is 2.5% protein. I should have asked DanMcG how much to use because I found it was too much protein. I was going to reduce it for the next batch but I did not have any guidelines to go by. The beef sticks came out "meally" with that same ratio.

    Next batch will probably be about 1.75% Protein to meat just to see what happens to the texture and flavor...  Thanks Dan for the heads-up...

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