"Southern Style" Ribs for lunch today

Discussion in 'Pork' started by dvdapex, May 23, 2013.

  1. I christened my Masterbuilt XL today with about 10 lbs of "Southern Style" Ribs.  

    I smoked for about 3 hrs at 225 and the final hour at 240.

    The sizes were far from uniform and some of the smaller pieces were a tiny bit over done (they were also the ones with next to no fat).  But, out of the 18 or so pieces, only 3 were probably small enough to be a problem.  Next time, I'll put them aside or pull them earlier.

    It was super windy today and the flame blew out twice but with the Maverick thermometer I knew immediately when I saw the temperature drop by about 5 degrees at once (it was about 50 degrees outside when I started).

    Here are a few pictures:

    Before rub.

    After brushing with a little oil and then the rub.

    After about 2 hrs of smoking. I used cherry wood chips in a cast iron skillet, put aluminum foil over the top and poked some holes. The end result was a nice, "smooth" smoky flavor.  I know, I'm really not even beginning to use the capacity of the smoker.

    Almost there...

    First one has Sweet Baby Rays, the second "Jack Daniels BBQ" (I do NOT like that!) and the third was sauce-free.  While I was putting the sauce on my wife told me that he heart was literally racing in anticipation for the meat.  I'm pretty sure there's a joke in there somewhere...

    My brother makes a great sauce and I just bought Jeff's recipe so I'll be giving that a try, but Sweet Baby Rays is a good sauce when you need something already made.
  2. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks really tasty!

  3. kathrynn

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    Looks really great!  [​IMG]

    good Job!

  4. Welcome to the group. i'm glad to see you wife loves the meat. the southern style ribs look great.

    glad you bought Jeff's recipe. if you will take that and tweek it to your taste. you will have your wife licking the bone.

    i see a lot of great Q in your future.

    happy smoken my friend.


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