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  1. My son is getting married and I am doing the bbq. I have always done pulled pork eastern NC style and if I say so myself am pretty good. I am thinking of doing some sliced bbq as well. My question is has anyone tried smoking a pork loin for thin sliced bbq and if so how dis it turn out and how did you do it?
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    If I was cooking for my kids wedding(not gonna happen I'll want to enjoy the day) I would only want to do things that can hold well or easily reheat. I don't think thin sliced pork would be a good option for that. Maybe if it was served and carved at a buffet table so you could keep it whole and slice for the guests. Best of luck with your event! It may help to post how many guests will be attending for others to give insight and ideas.
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    I enjoy 'cold sliced' Loin as a post meat Gnashing on bread . Does great. Cook day before , cool in Referr , slice when cold and lay on a plate like Cold Cuts .

    Cook to just under Med.Rare and it'll be great .

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    Pork Loin will not hold well unless served cold or you cook day of and rent/buy a hot box to hold warm what you plan to Carve at the Wedding...Not a Job for the Father of the Groom! Stick with the Pulled Pork, Buns and Sides. Figure on 6oz portions per person. Use the following...Number of guests X 6oz / 16 = Lbs PP / .5 yield (gives a little extra for big eaters) = Lbs of Raw Pork Butts needed. Plan on 1 1/2 to 2 Buns per guest. 1oz of you sauce per and 2-3 oz of each side per guest. Don't forget all the Condiments, Plates, Cups, Napkins, Silverware, Hot and Cold Chafing Dishes and Serving Utensiles. Having done MANY Weddings and Parties, I can tell you it is a big job, requiring more than one person. Especially if more than 100 guests. Even the Chef friends I have, have other Chefs cater their weddings and big parties...Good luck...JJ
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  5. Thanks everybody. What would you recomend for sliced bbq? I was thinking that the texture would hold together better than butts for slicing. I too would rather just be a guest but they asked me to be the one to cook it. They didnt ask for sliced and I have never done it. Was just thinking of adding another option with the pulled. Chef JimmyJ when you have the /.5 at the end what exactly do you mean? For ease of calculating lets say 8 people. 8x6=48/16=3 lbs/.5 would be 6 so allow 6lbs for the 8people?
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    Yep... The typical yield for a Butt is 50-60% of what you start with. There is moisture lost during cooking, Fat melts away or is later trimmed, Sinue removed, Bone, Etc. So if you take the weight of Pulled Pork you want and divide by .5 you get the amount to Purchase, weight of Raw Butts. Many go by 60% yield for family, but in Catering, you want a little wiggle room...Cousin Danny RSVP's ONE, then shows up with his new Girlfriend! Uncle Fred only eats Meat and eats 6 portions rather than the 2 you planned for. So by figuring a 50% yield (/ .5) you end up with 10% more but everyone is Full and Grandma get's some to take home, so she don't have to cook a couple days the following week.

    As far as Sliced Meat, Double Smoked Ham holds well and is really easy...Buy some Boneless Hams, 4-5oz per guest with a 90% yield. Smoke them, slice and pan, shingled slices, with Pineapple Juice, Brn Sugar, a bit of Mustard and a little Ground Clove. The pans of Ham can be reheated and hold up well. If you want a different meat than Pork, Smoked Brisket, 4oz portions with a 60% yield, is also good. Smoke to an IT of 185F-190°F, not quite perfectly tender, slice and pan with Jus. The Panned Brisket can be reheated in the Jus to a min of 165°F, where it will finish getting tender. It can then be held, over 140°F and served Au Jus or with BBQ Sauce...[​IMG]...I know you TEXAS BOYS are cringing!

    Any other info I can help with, shoot me a PM as I missed your question until now...JJ
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  7. Smoking a pork loin for slicing is relatively easy.

    1. Heavy dry rub.

    2. Cook on rack above a pan

    3. Spritz often with mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and Apple juice

    4. Cook to internal temp of 195

    5. Do not wrap. ( Steaming loin in wrap will make it crumbly.

    6. Add  Apple cider vinegar and apple juice to pan dripping.

    7. Allow to sit 30 mins before slicing.

    8. After slicing - pour au-jus from pan over slices

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