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    GSM  is Aussie for Grenache,shiraz,mourvedre .

    This is the best value of the 2012s . 

    I don't normally drink on weds days but in the pursuit of research I am prepared to make an exception.[​IMG]

    I bought some lamb rump steaks. New way to cut it here. I will do them just with garlic,rosemary,salt,cbp & lemon. 

    This wine is 54% grenache,29% shiraz ,17% mourvedre. 

    I prefer this to some others that are a bit grenache heavy . Although the grenache in this is from vines over 50 years old so its good grenache. I paid $ 18 .I buy it every year except 2011 vintage. 

  2. moikel

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    This is another top shelf GSM but much more grenache at 78% ,10% mourvedre,shiraz only 4% then a splash cinsault & carignan. Also Barossa Valley.

    Great wine makers who spent several vintages in  the South West of France.
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    This sort of started back in this thread if thats of interest to anybody.

    I saw Sons of Eden in NYC in June. in a fancy wine shop up near Central Park. Don't know what that means for everybody else in the country[​IMG]

    For world leaders in free trade,human rights etc your wine importation/distribution  system sucks.
  4. Oh GOOD! I have been excited to hear about these and how they taste and how the color is compared to those unadulterated Aussie reds which I now so adore! Keep posting along!

    And yes, for the land of the free, we have many an allocation law and about grape no less! Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    In any event, here's to your sips and sunshine and too, your sumptuous FOOD! I am all eyes and looking forward to it!

    Cheers! (And from the gal who DOES drink on Weekdays, and Weekends, and Holidays, and days with a little cold, and on days when the moon is full, or little, or when it's snowing or raining and when....OK OK, so you get the idea).
  5. moikel

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    This is a bit more towards Leah's style of cooking but don't expect my plating skills to compare.[​IMG]

    Back in the day we would have called these chump chops but its all fancy names now.
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  7. moikel

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  8. LOVE THIS!!!!!!

    Big beautiful hunks of meat and with such color! My fancy indeed!

    And still simple prep!

    This is sensational! I love the garlic and herbs - just a little of this and that - healthful, spectacular, flavorful! This is terrific!

    Cheers! - Leah
  9. moikel

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    OK wine tasting.
    It's got a lot of raspberry ,some spice, beautifully balanced.
    The Grenache is from 50 year old vines,ditto the Mourvèdre ,Shiraz 15 years.
    It's really a food friendly wine,IMO, it's lighter than say a straight Shiraz or Cabernet great match for lamb or chicken or veal.
    It's been called the best value GSM of 2012 . I thinks that's ambitious & to truly evaluate it I will have to drink a bunch of GSM's from 2012! Hard work but some bodies got to do it.
    It is a really ," just another glass" wine .I don't think its a wine that people will start a bottle & not finish it. It's a wine that you could order at a restaurant that would be a fit for the table across a range of plates,.Duck,chicken,veal,lamb.
  10. I first laughed here, when reading about it being a wine that you wouldn't open and not finish, as I have never managed to open a wine and not finish it! Smiles. THEN I realized, that you meant it was decent enough to not be some rot gut or such that one would literally pour down the sink; (which I HAVE done, when wine was truly horrible), and so that's good to know!

    As for opening a good bottle of wine daily however, and not managing to finish it somehow, well THAT has never ever happened. Oddly enough, right? Smiles.

    Happy Wednesday! More conch chopped in brown rice spaghetti over here today. And for anyone reading this who has a Trader Joe's store near them; and who wants 'wheat free' pasta, I have decided that their brown rice spaghetti is my favorite wheat free pasta, and I have tried a lot of them and from many stores and sources. Delicious stuff!

    OK, great to see your wine Mick! Makes me thirsty! That Mouvedre sounds like the best part actually! Cheers! - Leah
  11. moikel

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    I meant it would take great discipline not to drink the entire bottle.[​IMG]  I see this morning that there is a glass left so I am wondering how I did that!
  12. Funny! That takes great discipline or fabulous television or house guests to have left some indeed! Your meal just looked incredible! Cheers! - Leah
  13. moikel

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    I suppose part of the magic of the wine making process is the alchemy of blending different grapes,either by variety or batch. Here there is more multiple vineyard wines & multi regional especially with shiraz than before. Sometimes its a good thing sometimes not.Single vineyard is always more expensive & limited production.

    Blending those Southern Rhone varieties is an art form.

    Sons of Eden do it very well. It was a great glass of wine.

    I will see what else is out there from the 2012 vintage.

    I am also on the trail of some cabernet/malbec another great combination.

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