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  1. I'm new to smoking and have a question on wood chips? Do you need to soak them in water before use or not? Seems like it takes forever to get smoke if you do. I have a Master Built electric smoker. Thanks
  2. If you soak the chips they have to dry before they can smoke. You will see steam but that is not smoke. The chips will last a little longer if soaked but not much. So their is no correct answer as to which way to go. A lot of us use a AMNPS or AMNTS and burn pellets. The AMNPS will add smoke for 10-12 hours without having to mess with it.

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    Happy smoken.

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    I use them wet and unwet (like that? "Unwet"), can't see much difference.

    The only reason I can see for wetting chips is to retard their time till they can commence smoking. Its my understanding that the sweet spot for smoke absorption is 100 to 140 IT (internal temperature), by wetting the chips its allowing the meat a chance to start warming before the smoke hits it. Thereby giving the meat to get closer to that sweet spot range before smoking.

    Also it may also add a chance for the smoker to come up to the initial set temperature. That allows it a chance to to change from continious high heat (constant temperature to the chips) to a shorter up and down heater or modulating of the hearter to possibly allow for a longer attempt to start the chips again to smoldering.

    Both are just my own ideas, but I am pretty sure that the water in the chips towards humidity can add nothing to help.

    Also remember that dry chips in a tray over high continious heat, with heavy air flow can not only combust but explode (I swear!). Its pretty cool to see that reloader shoot out the side! Make sure you don't leave it in an unsecured position when only using dry chips.

    Pretty basically what Mule said above in one sentence......<chuckles>


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    Mule is right
  5. That is the best and most logical thing I've ever read about wetting chips/wood.  THANKS!
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    I will never wet wood ever again. Again.

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