So I Have This Tank....

Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by belchfire, Dec 30, 2015.

  1. and a perpetual urge to build stuff.  That's primarily why I signed up; I've been an infrequent lurker, but now that I'm actually in possession of the tank, I'm lying awake at night conjuring.  I'm sure you guys have no shortage of opinions, so help me envision a plan.

    It's an air tank, probably about 50 gallons; it's 18" diameter and 48" long.  I'm hankering for an upright.

    1)  Why don't I see double doors on anybody's smoker build?  A single door wide enough to get the grates in/out would lose an enormous amount of heat if I only want to shoot the meat with the tru-temp or baste it real quick.  How about a 12" wide door for cooking and a second door 10" or so wide for grate maintenance and cleaning?  Has it been done?  Pros/Cons?

    2)  You guys seem to have a right/wrong about stacks until it comes to uprights.  What's the rub there?  Since an upright is just one big stack, is it OK to go short?  How about a short section of 3" or 4" pipe with a 180 on top to keep the rain out?

    3)  I'd love to have a pellet smoker so I can go long and slow; maybe even overnight.  I'm looking at the Smoke Daddy Universal unit, but (cough, cough) they're mighty proud of it.  Is there an alternative?  Is it worth it?

    I'm sure your answers will generate more questions, but if there's one thing I've learned in a half century (plus) it's that I don't know it all and there's an awful lot of dignity in asking those people that do.

    Lay it on me......
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