Smoky flavor lacking on Chicken

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by papa g, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. OK, I've had my MES 40 since this past Christmas and I've upgraded to the retro bigger chip tray and just bough the amazn pellet smoker and I'm having problems it seems with chicken getting the smoky flavor to penetrate the meat.

    It looked great. It's juicy and tons of smoke in the skin, but the meat takes like a rotisserie chicken you'd get from Sam's or Costco--But very little smoke flavor.

    It took 5 hours to smoke these two birds.

    The first time I used chips in the tray and this time I used the the Amazn smoker with hickory pellets and of the 5 hours it was smoking about four hours.
    I had the vents open the first four hours then closed the top vent for the last hour until it reached 165 degrees at 235 degrees.

    I'm baffled why the smoke is not permeating the meat when I can smoke  a chicken on my Weber  in under two hours and it's really smoky and flavorful.

    I put the other whole chicken and what was left of the other one inside a plastic airtight bag hoping it would be better the next day.


  2. smokinal

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    If your not getting enough smoke flavor, light both ends of the AMNPS. The top vent needs to be open all the way.
  3. Thanks Al,

    I thought about that after i pulled it out and will try it...had a nice TBS stream with the one end burning...I'll light both ends next time.

  4. tjohnson

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    They look GREAT!

    I'm curious too, why the meat is not very smoky???

    I wonder if you "Spatchcock" the chicken, if more smoke will permeate the meat???

  5. Have you tried skinless chicken?
  6. scarbelly

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    I was thinking that too - there is more surface area that way. Did you have any rub on it? That seems to help grab smoke flavor too 

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