SmokinTex 1100 question - Meat turning out dry

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    A quick preface to my question - I am a newbie to smoking and this question may be applicable to other categories in the forum. My apologies in advance if this is in the wrong place. It struck me more as a "usage" question, which is why I posted this here...

    In any case, I got to use my SmokinTex 1100 for the first time last night. I've used my father-in-law's electric smoker before this one, which is a Smoke Hollow (I think that's the brand) electric smoker. I immediately noticed two differences. The instructions for the SmokinTex 1100 say not to soak the wood. Also, there is no water pan (or not one I noticed, anyway.)

    So I just ran with it yesterday. I did two smoking sessions.

    First: Pork Ribs

    - I applied mustard and my favorite rub to these

    - I smoked them for 2 hours at 200 degrees

    - I up the temp to 225 for 3 hours

    When I pulled the meat out, it was flavorful, but dry. These ribs were from my in-law's farm and there wasn't much meat on them, so I figured I probably just cooked it a little too hot...

    So the next session went like this:

    Meat: Country Style Beef Ribs

    - Prepared with the same rub and mustard for the rub to stick to.

    - Smoked at 180 degrees for 2.5 hours

    - Upped the temp to 225 for 2.5 hours

    The result was the same as the pork ribs. Great flavor, but dry.

    So here's my question. Should I be spritzing these with something like apple juice every so often to keep the meat from drying out? I also thought about taking a can and putting some water in it in the bottom of the smoker. Or is this a time and temp thing?
  2. I smoke all my ribs at 225*F using EVOO and my rub if choice...every hour or so I use a mopping liquid consisting of cidar vinegar, rum and honey (keep it in a cheap spritzing bottle). I don't use the Texas crutch and my smoker has excellent air circulation as it has 2 fans that cook by convection and circulate the air/smoke. I haven't had dry ribs yet?!? I think the EVOO help retain the moisture better than mustard as it's hydrophobic and doesn't evaporate like mustard.

    It could also be the pork itself, depending on its diet and age?!

    Try the 2-2-1 for back ribs and 3-2-1 for spare ribs (search if you're unfamiliar?). Most professional competition teams use the Texas crutch and add add'l moisture in various forms to the foiling portion!

    Good luck, keep us posted?
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    Thanks for the advice! I'll this on the weekend when I smoke again and post an update. I also signed up for that 5 day course thing from Jeff Phillips.

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