Smoking Spare ribs on my UDS

Discussion in 'Pork' started by papagrizz, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. First time trying this on my UDS and it seems anything I do on it....can't go wrong...

    Thanks one and all for the inspiration.  Enjoy!

    Thanks, Guys and Gals!!
  2. eman

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    Well Done PaPaG!!!!   [​IMG]

    One of the best Home shot Videos i've seen (heard ) in a While.

     BB.King is a great back ground .

  3. chef jimmyj

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    Nice Job! Great video...JJ
  4. jp61

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  5. looks good nice video
  6. looks really good i also have a uds how do you arrange your fire box i usually us royal oak charcol and have hard time keeping consistent fire whats the secret
  7. Thank you one and all [​IMG]

    @ Stitan :

    Hope this answers your questions:

    I use Ozark Oak Natural Lump


    I arrange the lump and flavor wood around a juice can placed in the middle


    I turn my chimney upside down and put a few pieces of kingsford in it, once they turn grey, I dump them in the can.

    I then pull out the can so the lump will catch slowly.

    I learned this here:

    Can't remember where I picked up the can idea, but it most likely came from these forums.

    I smoked a Chucky for over 12 hours, and the next day I had plenty of lump left over!!


    Hope this helps and keep on Smoken'
  8. it does thanks
  9. mr500

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    yeah I do my WSM the same way lol

    I mostly use Royal Oak lump made in USA!!!\

  10. i also use royal oak stupid ? doesnt that melt when you put the charcol in or do you pull it out right before
  11. mr500

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    the coffee can? Yeah I just use it to make a crater so to speak pull it out right before i dump the chimney over on top
  12. thats what i thought lol just fig id ask
  13. jrod62

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    Great video

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