Smoking some Pork Back Ribs

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  1. Last night I cut them half, put them in a ziplock bag, add some Apple Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sage, Crushed Garlic and some Chipotle Mango spice, mixed all but the ribs in a bowl, then poured this in the bag, over the ribs.  .  I than placed the bag on a plate and too the plate to my downstairs fridge.  Sorry no pics were taken, bad me.

    This morning I brought the ribs upstairs, took each rib and washed it off, I then pulled the back off the ribs.  I then put a rib rub over them, (It was made a while ago, I forgot what I put in that shaker bottle), then placed them on rib rack, that was on a smoker rack, at this current time they have been going for about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

    My neighbour down the street said he wanted to try to smoke some Italian Sausages, I know I have threw a few in the smoker before for my neighbour and I have also read it is not safe to smoke sausages that have no cure in them.  What are your thoughts on this.

    I let them run @230 degrees for 3 hours, full smoke, then I wrapped them in tinfoil, with alittle apple juice with some heat and let them go for 90 minutes, then I unwrapped them, put the BBQ Sauce on and put them on the rack minus the rib rack and let them go while I walked the dogs. When I came back, I could see they needed more BBQ Sauce, so I put another slather of it on and back into the smoker they went for about another 40 minutes.

    The Ribs were delcious, a good heat and very sweet
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    You can hot smoke fresh sausage without cure. Just take them to an IT of 160. At 230 it should only take a couple of hours.

  3. OK I do thank you for the Info![​IMG]
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    Nice looking smoke you had going! B

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