Smoking on my UDS for my sons grad party

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  1. I am cooking for my sons grad party next weekend. Need some advice on how to keep the food moist over about 7 hours. I will be cooking 3-8# pork shoulders for pulled pork, hot and mild sausage and smoked jerk chicken wings. I plan to start cooking the butts Saturday night then a couple of hours before the party starts to cook the wings and sausage.The party starts at 2:00 Sunday. If I put the cooked food in aluminum pans and wrap then will the food quality still be there. Any tips on smoking sausage and chicken wings will help.

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    The quality will be there if you foil and wrap the butts snugly in towels and keep them in a cooler.  They will stay nice and hot and moist until serving.

    Sausage and wings are really easy to smoke.  Smoke them to an internal temp of 165*. 
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    That pretty much sums it up in a nutshell. 

    Keep things covered and sealed up until you are ready to serve it.

    If your internal temps get to close to the 140 ish mark. Stick um in the oven, still wrapped in the foil.
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    I concur! [​IMG]

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