Smoking my first Turkey for Thanksgiving

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by hotrodgirl, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. hotrodgirl

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    Hi all! First time posting here, finaly decided to join since this is my go to site for my ideas for smoking.

    Hosting my second thanksgiving and wanted to smoke the turkey this year and wanted to pick all your brains on some tips and tricks.

    Have an electric Brinkman...and have a mix of apple, sugar maple, pecan and peach chunks.

    Going with a fresh turkey instead of frozen, which I have never dealt with before.

    We have used the slaughterhouse brine before and planning on using it again on the turkey.

    How long should we brine for??

    Probably going with an 18-20 lb bird.  Generally how long?  So I know when to start [​IMG]

    Also is it smart to finish it off in the oven like I have heard?

    Any ideas you guys have would be great and appreciated!

    ....and a early Happy Thanksgiving to all [​IMG]
  2. oldschoolbbq

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    First , please go by "Roll Call" and get a big [​IMG]  to the Neighborhood. So, I'll start and say Hello and good Holidays.

    Now, yes , Brine for overnight is good . Make sure to dry it off and set it in the Fridge for a few hours to dry the skin . Make some Compound Butter (mixed with seasonings) and rub 'under ' the skin. Add a Rub to the out side if you want ,but under skin is best as the skindoes not crisp at the temp. you will be cooking. To crisp it, put it oven @ 375*F .Skin will be best saved for soup later if you wish, it will be soft and chewy after have a Watt burner and can only attain 275*F at most...

    Now , a good thermometer is needed, preferably a "Probe" type , why ? you will need to track your temp. in the Breast(deep in the meat without touching bone), go to 165*F in the Breast and the Thighs

    will be done too as they will be closer to the heat with the Bird on it's back.

    And do not stuff you Turkey... this will affect cook times and spoil your Bird.

    When done you can wrap it in Foil and wrap in a towel and placed in a cooler the stay hot (yes , I said cooler - for ice- but a hot box now,,,) It should take about 3hrs. depending on your size of Bird , but don't go by that , go by temp.

    Again , go by " Temperature" , not time...

    Have fun and . . .
  3. jlcnuke

    jlcnuke Fire Starter

    For planning purposes, what I've read and experienced shows about 20-30 minutes per pound at 275.  Assume it will take longer since you can let it rest a lot easier than you can speed it up generally :D
  4. The guys have you covered. Remember to post a Qview. Also keep the door closed or [​IMG]. Remember to take notes so you will know what to or what not to do next time.

    Happy smoken.

  5. hotrodgirl

    hotrodgirl Newbie

    Thanks everyone!! Picking up the bird long you gus generally brine for? I didn't want to over do it.
  6. hawg heaven

    hawg heaven Newbie

    Well, mine has been cooking at 225 since around 7:30 this morning. It is close to 160 internal temp right now. I have seen so much difference in the cook time and cooking temperature. I figured I couldn't go wrong with low and slow. 

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