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  1. hi everybody

    i want to smoke a meatloaf this weekend i asked the wife about it and got the usually response Ewwww you want to smoke what?

    i don't really have a recipe except i want to use 2 lbs of beef and 1 lb of pork prefer bread crumbs and a onion or 2

    that ill prolly caramelizes before i mix in to the loaf what other spices should i consider ... I'm not looking for a hot spicier loaf

    just the traditional type but smoked possible mushrooms finley diced  bell pepper diced

    i would like to see others recipes and sorta from my one unique loaf

    i think it will be awesome on the smoker thanks for your help

    ill post a q view on it this weekend

    smoke on
  2. scarbelly

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  3. scarbelly

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    Made it up - wanted something different 
  4. chef jimmyj

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    This is my go to Meatloaf Recipe...It has a couple of unusual seasonings...I have not done one in awhile so no pics...JJ


    4Lbs Ground Meat...Any combo

    1C Chopped Onion, 1Medium

    1/2C Chopped Red Pepper, roasted and peeled, 1pepper

    2 Cloves Garlic

    1T Fresh Thyme Leaves, 1tsp Dry

    1/4C Fresh Parsley Leaves, 1T Dry

    1C Ketchup or BBQ Sauce

    2ea Eggs

    2 pks Goya Sazon Seasoning

    4 pks Washigton's Rich Brown Seasoning

    1tsp Black Pepper

    1tsp Cayenne Pepper

    1 1/2C Panko Bread Crumbs or other

    Optional...1lb Mushrooms, sliced and sauteed until brown, mix in with meat.

    Place everything except meat in a food processor and pulse to desired consistency, chunky or smooth.

    Mix with Meat  then divide and form 2 Loaves, wrap in Bacon if you wish, about 2 Lbs will be needed for a weave.

    Smoke at 225-250 to 165*F, rest 20 minutes and Serve.

    Note: All the Salt for this recipe is in the Seasoning Packs.

    If I bake these I Bake at 350*F for about 1 hour...
  5. hey thx just what i needed
  6. sprky

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    [​IMG]  I get that as well, and Your smoking what, is there any thing you will not smoke. When I smoked cream cheese she said now I have seen it all. But ya know what when she tastes the stuff I smoke 9 out of 10 times I get that is good.

    However not once have I hurde guess I was wrong.

    BTW smoked meatloaf is darn good
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  7. hey sprky

    most of the things i try to smoke usualy come out pretty good i have only been smoking for a few years  but i seem to learn pretty quick

    and yeah the wife will very seldom say somthing like hmmm i cant beleive this tastes so good  i just smile its a bewildered complement

    i think the meatloaf idea is gona knock her socks off when she tastes it i know i cant wait  prolly do it on sunday

    i mean il had to suffer threw some pretty crazy meals she has made or burnt in the past lol

    we split up making meals so its pretty good most of the time

    i enjoy cooking different things and taking it to another level

    thx for your comment
  8. smokinal

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    Can't wait to see your meatloaf! It's a big favorite around here.
  9. johnnie walker

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    Just make up your own meatloaf recipe. They are good. [​IMG]
  10. I'm on it  off to the store first thing in the morning  fridge is already full of beer and have a couple of friends coming over  were going to smoke some

    other meats not sure what hes bringing but be assured  its going to be one awesome day of smoking
  11. driedstick

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    sounds like you had a full day hope you got us some pics
  12. Well I didnt get to do the meatloaf itts been pospponed
    Till at least next
    weekend had some family issues come up

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