Smoking away the cabin fever....brisket style

Discussion in 'Beef' started by staredat, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. SO I couldn't wait any more.  Got myself a brisket and fired up the smoker.  After spending a bit more for the meat to try out the new butcher, trimming and rubbing it, I ran into a bit of a problem.....regulator crapped out on me.  So I was left without enough heat on a cold morning at 4 am.  So there I was trying to figure somthing...anything out. 

    FInally decided to use the banjo burner from my tukey fryer along with the regular burner from my GOSM.  Brisket came out ok (I am never impressed with my briskets), but the eperience was interesting to say the least.  Can't wait for the new regulator and now a new burner for my fryer since I sheared the bolt off inside trying to get that one out as well. 

    Here's some pics on what not to least I didn't blow myself up in the process.  Hope you all get a good laugh at this one. 



    COming along nicely...


    THe point about to become burnt ends


    What not to do....

  2. smokinal

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    Well the brisket sure looks good from here.

    Even with all the problems you pulled it off!
  3. daveomak

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    staredat, morning.... Wow, with all the problems you had, that is one mighty fine looking, lip smacking brisket to me !!!!!  I should have such problems !!!! 

  4. dewetha

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    looks like a tasty recovery!
  5. Looks great and you certainly overcame and adapted to the problems!
  6. Looks great for your family feast.  That's one huge cut of meat to start with and I can see the brisket cut all the way to trimmed, just in the two photos.  You must be a butcher or a man that knows how to slice up an animal.

  7. THanks everyone.  I was glad everything came out ok.  THis is a test run of the new supplier for my relly huge Memorial Day BBQ.  I think I am going to stick with this guy.  I never used to trim the brisket at all, but I have been watching tons of videos over the drove me nuts until I got my fix this weekend.  SMoke and flavor was great.  Just did a dry rub the night before.  It was a good 15 lb'er that was enjoyed by a whole 3 people.  I love leftovers!
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    Looks like the same regulator I use on my Charcoal to Propane GOSM conversion. 10 PSI. Works great. My last brisket was the best I've done so far. I only moderately trimmed it.
  9. Here's the up close pic.  You can actually see from this one where I jammed my banjo burner from my turkey fryer in there to compensate for the stuck regulator on the factory burner. I had the hose runnin out the door for 15 hours.  Talk about lack of door seal.   I have actually been thinking about just replacing the broken regulator with the bayou classic one, but I was worried that it was too high pressure.  It sounds like quite a few folks on here prefer them because of the needle valve.  If it's not blowing out the flame since you are keeping it so low, I guess it could work well.  I have already ordered a replacement part form Landmann, but it would be great to set up a backup just in case. 

  10. [​IMG]LOOKS Great to me!!!!!

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