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  1. DivotMaker,

    I see above you mentioned 50 BBQ'ed Oysters. Perhaps some of the finest oysters in the country are right in our coastal waters, and I had not heard of BBQ'ed oysters until a recent trip to Philadelphia took me to a downtown restaurant that served them and they were great.

    Would you give some detail on how you BBQ them- I would like a try at that when the weather cools a bit. 
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    That's what I like to see. 

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    Thanks. My new thing is 250F. Cooks faster and still is tender as ever. The only difference I see is that drippings tend to burn more.

    Just cooked up some bb ribs an hour ago and they were overcooked in 4 hours, but were as tender as ever even at hot temps.
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    I will occasionally go higher to render excess fat, then back off for the slow and low.
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    kbosch74, I had the same problem. Mine is stamped with a 05-12-2013 date and I ordered it in June 2014 - so it sat somewhere for over a year before I got it. I really wanted to like it and for the most part, the guys at their forums (although it is said it is not company run/supported) were extremely helpful. It did reach 225 (at least I think it did - I didn't have a thermometer and took 5 hours) 2-3 times (when I first used it) and the ribs were slammin' - near perfect. After that, it wouldn't go over 185 degrees. The Owner sent me a new controller and element - I replaced my controller - same results - just wouldn't get over 185 degrees. Drove me crazy. The new controller has a "149 degrees C" (I think that is about 300 degrees fahrenheit) stamped on it. Obviously, they are bad batch of controllers OR I think they just might be the incorrect ones for the #3 - which surprises me, because they are not inferior (made by EGO). I now know a lot about thermostats and how they work (THANKS SARGE). I can not speak for the others (who have the #1 and #2 or even the #3 for that matter). It seems to be a #3 specific. I had to spend another $215 plus shipping and another $22.50 plus shipping for an Auber and thru-wall probe. It auto tuned correctly, but the directions were a bit confusing. The time spent trying to get the SI #3 to work correctly (and I still haven't - time wise and disgusted) - had I had to do it all again, I would have went with the CookShack - it is already set up to do all this and about the same cost - minus the cart (slightly smaller interior). I was going to send it back, it was still covered, but I threw the box out (I never do that) and the Owner told me to "just get one from FedEX." It would cost me nearly $150 to send back a defective unit. It's over a month now and the whole thing has gotten me so disgusted with the ordeal it is sitting in the back of my garage. I can't (in good conscience) sell it to anyone. Lesson learned.
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    Never heard of it for about the same price you can get a master built electric which I use and love
  7. I'd buy it in a second if you were closer.
    They're good smokers.

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    Where do you live? I travel a lot. I'll give you a good deal.
  9. Chemung County, near Horseheads.

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    Martin, Ernie,

    Sounds like this could be a win win, if you two can connect. 

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    Up near Elmira, halfway to where my cousins are. My buddy is up there - maybe you know him, Joe Sheshane? I am headed to Maryland, Tennessee, Florida in September. I thought maybe you would be on the way. Dig, I might be headed up to Honesdale the end of August and if you want to meet somewhere, I will bring it. Auber (bypassed-permanent wall mounted) , Cart, SI #3, Cord hook, useless Rib Hooks, Chip insert. They owe me a cover - but not holding my breath - 500 beans.
  12. No, I don't know Joe.
    I'm seriously interested in it if you can deliver...there's no way I'll be able to meet-up anywhere.

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    Sounds like a plan!

  14.  We have all seen my little walk-in smoker going to fire her up this week on the 7/12/14 do out some beacons, hams, brats, summer sausages and breakfast sausage links, and patties. doing a wet cure Beacon recipe. fast cure it in 4 1/2 Days, would like to smoke the premade patties of breakfast sausages (Pork)not cook totally just cold smoke them, then take them from smoker to freezer, is this pos. with out getting a bug. I will be doing a cold smoking with a temp around 105 deg for 6 hours or so. or should I fire up the burner and take the patties to 150 min. like my beacon before flash freezing the patties? what's your thoughts?

  15. elkmaster101,
    I recommend starting a brand new thread.

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    Dang Elk, that looks like heaven right there!
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  18. big fish

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    ...and keeps the skeeters away too!
  19. Elk- you are gonna need a much bigger picnic table when we all come over to enjoy the vittles!
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    I believe that this may... Yes...yes may... Be the prototype for the Smokin-it #5000.

    Must be hard to roll around though.


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