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    Sorry, but I read this exact same post almost a year ago, on another forum. It was probably made by someone who owns none of the three.
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    In my opinion, it truely doesnt matter what smoker you have or how much it costs, as long as you get good eats.
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    Very eloquent prose. I know some folks who could kick all coolas using ten pounds of Kingsford and a grate out out of an old ice box. It aint fair..I admit.
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    Not sure if it was your intention or not, but thanks for the laugh. The comedic irony that you're posting on an internet forum after turning your nose up to "compooters" is hilarious. [​IMG]
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    Ha!  I thought exactly the same thing when I read this!  ROFL!!  Anyone who can post on a forum like this can certainly use a PID!  They're really not that hard.  Wonder if he has a cell phone, too?! 
  6. I have a smokin it and love it. It's so well insulated, when it's 250 degrees inside ,you can hug the outside. Better insulation mean shorter smokin time. All stainless steel with a thermostat to monitor inside temp. Very simple to use. It will last and last.
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    Anyone soak their chuncks for a SI? I know every smoker is different,but i have yet to try it in an SI.
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  8. I used to, it was a must in my weber,  but with the smoking-it its absolutely not necessary.   in fact you can vary the amount and lengths of your smoke (for same amount of wood)  by using a couple of the following techniques:

    1, don't just use 1 larger chunk if you want quick and more sustained smoke in the same session.  I shave off a few slivers of wood from my chunks I use and place it beside the chunks,  the slivers will give off a quick puff of smoke in a hurry that will subside just in time for the bigger piece to come online  :)

    2,  run a test to see which part of you smoke box is the hotter-cooler.   easy to do with the following method:

    running an empty smoker and empty smoke box, place a thin aluminum foil (not the heavy duty kind) on the bottom of the smoke box. cover the bottom of it perfectly.

    turn the smoker on max for a few hours.

    let smoker cool down , then open the smoke box and observe the aluminum foil .  you will see a discolored piece of foil .  the more discoloration the hotter that location is.

    next time you smoke, place your wood at the desired location....

    now you can vary the intensity, length and speed of smoke by using one or both of these methods.

    one other thing I discovered, some type of woods like it hotter, others like it cooler. 

    you can get some really sweet smelling smoke this way...


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    Jond36, read this article and you'll never soak wood again. It's really a myth. I use both a Smokin-It #2 and a Big Green Egg and soaking wood just releases steam until the wood dries out.
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    I use something like this to cut the big chunks into the size I want I also use chips at times depending on the temp and length of the cook. I have a cookshack but same idea.

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    I just bought the #3 after reading some reviews and I LOVE it. I had been smoking using the Big Green Egg which did a great job but couldn't handle much at a time. Last night I smoked 2 racks of ribs and they came out incredible. The unit is all stainless steel and has no plastic parts to break or wear out. I owned a restaurant for many years and this reminds me of a piece of commercial restaurant equipment. I know they're a little expensive but I was really impressed with the quality.
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    Congrats, Larry!  Glad to hear you like your SI!  Come on over to the SI forum, too, if you have time. 
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    Notice my new and improved homemade stainless steel pid. :)

    Now to get a bigger smoker than a #1
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    Nice job jond36 !
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    We purchased a smoking-it smoker for Christmas.  LOVE IT. We smoke everything, fish, shrimp, pork loin, chicken, it's great.  Easy to work, even easier to clean.  Planning to smoke prime rib for Easter.  Definitely get a digital thermometer, it's worth every penny. The company was easy to deal with, very professional.  The smoker was well packaged for shipping.  Can't say enough good things- buy one and enjoy!
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    That's awesome, RustyandLou! Come visit us over on the when you have the chance! 
  18. I just bought one.  I'll let you know how it is as soon as it arrives.  I read quite a few reviews and they all seemed very good.

    Again, I'll let you know as It should be here by next weekend.
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    Welcome to the party, Intruder!  You won't be disappointed!  Follow the seasoning instructions, and you'll be ready to rock and roll.  What model did you get?  Oh, and join us over at the Smokin-It forum, too, if you have the chance!
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    Join as many forums as you can.  They are all good and share what your learn.

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