Smokin a Phattay

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by redeyejedi, Jul 20, 2014.

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    here in socal, smokin a fatty has several meanings and often times the food is involved is when the munchies kick in. actually, we get many a grin when talkin' smokin' because of the double entendre. so, i decided to have at it and smoke a phattay. goin breakfast style, yet appears it'll be evening brunch or lunner, owell.

    the bacon weave is easier than i had thought it to be; watched a few vids, fold over method, started from center vs one side.

    ::lump coals, cherry chunks, 2.5h, target temp=250* actual temp~215*, 1:1:1 hawaiian punch, coke, water in the pan.

    breakfast ingredients.

    totally spaced on the bacon weave pic.(the fatty b4 the fatty [​IMG]) but the powk upon the powk.

    some mixin's

    clearly not a wrap star

    the 'waiting' time

    bout to pull

    bout to slice

    first slice

    first thoughts:

    certain roads men should not travel down not wielding a sword of discipline; the path of the powk fatty is certainly one of them.

    quite delicious, serious flavor going there. with some hot sauce, it's magic. may get down on some breakfast gravy for latermeals.

    lots of options in this arena, and thinking about a fowl fatty for next go around. it ain't even cold yet, and thoughts of the next cook are already distracting me from  performing my beer curls; gotta work off the phattay.
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  2. redeyejedi

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    pic host / post fail.
    sorry folks.

    EDIT: DISREGARD, fixed thanks tj
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  3. knifebld

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    Man those pics were Worth opening up one by one RedEye....very nice looking fatty made with some wonderful ingredients. Great job!
  4. redeyejedi

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    Thank you very much. Not sure what I did incorrectly.

    Cooking items and in ways unfamiliar to me is loads of fun. I'll often get frustrated at a particular step, for instance, the roll of the phatty ;) ....was proving a challenge, so i rotated the cutting board 90*, took a step back, and reengaged and goterdun to an acceptable standard for my first go. considering i hadn't even heard of a fatty you eat up until just days ago, i'd consider it a job well done.


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