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  1. So I just added a SmokeDaddy Big Kahuna to my Landmann vertical propane smoker. The SmokeDaddy is working perfectly. I decided to try a small 10lb Turkey this morning, and suddenly I'm having to run my gas at full and can barely maintain 188 degrees. I normally run the gas at medium to maintain 225 degrees. I have even removed the old smoke box that sat directly above the burner. The SmokeDaddy is ported in just above the burner, but below the water tray. Has this config altered the heat flow? I'm running the SmokeDaddy air pump about as slow as it will go. I do have a huge amount of smoke in the chamber.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Close the propane tank valve...... Close the burner valve.... GENTLY and SLOWLY open the propane tank valve... you should hear a POP.... that's the safety valve setting.... OR take the burner out and clean the screen and look for cob webs, spider webs... Blow it out with compressed air or that air stuff for your computer...

    There is a safety valve in the OPD propane valves that will only allow a small amount of propane to flow if it is not hooked up to a line... the outgoing propane HAS to pressurize the valve from the downstream side before it will allow propane to flow.....
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  3. Absolutely correct! That has never happened w this smoker in the 3 years I've had it. Immediately fixed the problem. I was worried that the larger smoke capacity from the Kahuna had messed something up. I do recall this happening on my gas grill once or twice.

    Thanks for the response.

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    My pleasure.... Keep smokin'.. :yahoo:

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