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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by yardbird, Jun 23, 2013.

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    Right now my smoker sits over at one end of the patio, OFF the patio, and isn't real convenient this way. It's also entirely exposed to the wind so I built a wind break around it, but it was never intended to be used permanently and is getting kinda ratty looking. I'd LIKE to move it closer to the house. I guess pics would help...

    Ratty wind break

    Where it is now... (that's it way over on the left)

    Where'd LIKE to put it...

    That big window is where our dining area is inside. The man-door goes into the garage. See that garbage can to the left of the man door? That's kinda where I'd like to be.

    I think.

    See I had it where the grill is now (right near the window) when I first got it (winter) and I was learning. I made too much smoke and the whole house smelled like a smokehouse for 3 days after I cooked some chickens and a meat loaf :)  The wind often blows across the back of the house (right to left in the photo) *OR* it comes from the front of the house and the smoke swirls under the eaves and kinda drifts sideways (right to left again) into the screen porch or if the weather is nice, into the open dining area windows. This happens to some degree with the grill too, but the grill is on wheels and I pull it away from the house about 6 feet and it seems to be fine.

    The eaves project out 30 inches. My Smoke Hollow is only about 18 inches deep (measured at the bottom of the legs which splay out a little). House is brick over wood frame construction.  The vent on the Smoke Hollow is on the back. I know we don't run at really high temperatures, although I do run poultry up over 350 very often, but I'm wondering if I would create a fire hazard sticking it under the eaves, and if so, could I put some kind of "roof" over it that wouldn't look like crap?

    I smoke all year. I really need to keep the wind off it in winter.

    I have this idea of building what looks like a small outhouse, and sticking the smoker inside it, but with so many other projects, I'm not sure when I'll get to it.

    Looking for thoughts on moving it and kinda protecting it from the weather. I can't do the foil-looking insulation and leave it exposed. My wife would not accept that.

    Looking for ideas. I'd kinda like to get a small garden in where the smoker is currently sitting
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    That's a little large heheheh. Awesome... but a little large. :)
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    It leaves room for a fridge and a wet bar.

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