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    So I have 3 55gal drums. I know the design I want and can see it in my head. I don't have the equipment to manufacture the idea and put it into use. Anyone here live close to the eastern panhandle of West Virginia that can help me.

    my idea is a themed smoker. A fire hydrant. the 2 smaller hose connections are to be air inlets vented towards the bottom. the front larger hose connection is a opening where I can spray or reach in to mop. and the bolt on top is the actual exhaust.

    on the back or the working end is 2 doors. 1 for the wood burn box and the other is for the glory of meat.

    does that sound stupid or possible to have made?

    this is for my volunteer fire dept.

    also thought of separating burn area and meat area with a plate and some 4" pipe nipples to allow heat and smoke up , and allowing a small tap in right at the bottom  of meat area so I can add water  and let the heat from fire box keep a lot of moisture or if I really stoke it I can smoke and steam it at the same time. 

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