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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by dbowling, Nov 8, 2015.

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    Im building a 500 gal. reverse flow smoker, my tank is 48 in. diameter and 60 in. long, Feldons says I need a 36,172 in. cu. in. firebox.. this comes out to roughly a 32x36 in. box, well Ive got the box welded up and this this is giant, its made from 1/4 in. plate and probably weighs 300# or better by itself... does this sound like the right size for this size cooker, Ive did the calculations 5-6 times and its right according to the calculator..are you supposed to deduct the space under the reverse flow plate or is it figured in..

     What would be the main disadvantage to a reg. offset smoker vs. the reverse flow?

     This is my 1st try at building a smoker also. thanks for any help.
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    in the notes at the end of his calculator page it says firebox should be as wide as the RF flow plate for ease of fitment, no way I can make a 47.5 in. wide firebox as Ive already made the one according to Feldons which is 32x36..
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    I ran your measurements through Dave's calc. and it only came out to 470 gallons.. might wanna double check your measurements.... I would imagine you will just have to put plates over the openings from the side of the FB to the edge of the tank opening... understand what I'm trying to explain ??
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    108570 x 0.004 = 434 FB/CC opening etc.

    108570 x 0.001 = 108 FB Inlets

    108570 x 0.033 = 35828 FB

    108570 x 0.017 to 0.022 = 1845 to 2389 cu. in. exhaust stack

    You could use an RF plate 41 wide and 48" long.... a gap of ~12 at the non FB end....

    Wide/Fat Short CC may use smaller numbers due to reduced surface area friction to volume...

    Your smoker falls in that category so some liberties can be taken with the 0.004 numbers....

    ESV of ~2100 cu. in. .... 8" exh. stack 42" tall... 9" stack 33" tall (above the CC).. or something close...

    Cut out CC the width of your FB.... FB can be slid into CC as far or as little as you want / need / like....
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    thanks for the help..


    I knew tank was 470 gal. but was told by guy I got it from it was considered a 500 gal., wouldn't think 30 gal. would make much difference..

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