Smoked Salmon (first time) with Q-View

Discussion in 'Grilling Fish' started by goingcamping, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. Hey all...

    I'm going to attempt to smoke some salmon on TEFS. I used the following rub:

    1 1/2 C Brown Sugar
    1 C Kosher salt (medium grind)
    2T Local spice shop "salmon blend" (neighbor offered it up he got it about 6 months ago for salmon and never used it)
    1T chipotle powder

    Cut the salmon into roughly 2" fillets, laid in pain, covered with the rub above and let sit for about 9 hours in the fridge. Took out, rinsed off rub and placed on a grilling pan above a baking pan, back in the fridge to form the pellicle...(see pic below)

    Tomorrow I'll glazed with a chipotle/honey and smoke at 100*: 120*: 140*: 160*: 180* until I reach an IT of 140* (I'll post some more pics when I get them smoking.). Using maple pellets in the 18" AMNTS.

    Till we meet again!

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  2. Scratch the temp schedule...I'm gonna let 'er rip at 190* until I have an IT of 145-150*...

    Pic of salmon after honey/chipotle drizzle (that's right I just used the drizzle my nizzle!).

    We're going to a St. Patty's day partay this afternoon/evening, thought I bring some BBR's they go on after the salmon is all fin! They are chilln' in the extra fridge awaiting the sauna.

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  3. itsjohn

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    How long did it take at 190 to get up to IT? How'd they turn out?
  4. Itsjohn,

    Hey at 190* they took about 2 hours, I have since made a bunch of different batches and have adjusted the temps (raising incrementally) from 140-170*F. They take between 3-4hours...They've all turned out great!

  5. cmayna

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    Not too salty?  Using 1 cup of salt with only 1.5 cups of sugar sure seems like it would make you pucker up big time.
  6. Make sure to rinse off all the sugar and salt mixture after the curing! It's not too salty, but it helps with the pellicle and curing. If you understand isotonic/hypotonic/hypertonic and solutions/solutes you'd understand that water follows salt (solute) and it drys the salmon out as a curing process. It still needs to be refrigerated, however!


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