Smoked Duck Extras?

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by neusmoker, May 9, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    A couple weeks ago I smoked a couple ducks.  This weekend I'm going to smoke a couple more.  I saved the necks and giblets from the first ducks and now I'll have these.  What's the best thing to do with them?  Throw them in the smoker as well?  Fry them?  Ignore them?

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    You can smoke them all...a mesh or perforated grill-topper works well for the smaller items. Give them at least 1 hour to smoke, then foil or tent in a pan until tender. Pull the neck meat and chop fine with the giblets for a great smoked gravy. Just simmer the starter liquids with the chopped goodies to equalize the smoke into the liquid before adding starches to thicken the base. Use onion, garlic and a few herbs/spices in the base, or add a bit of your dry rub.

    Nothing beats the flavor and textures of a good smoked giblet gravy to top-off smoked bird, IMHO.

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  3. Great, thanks! :)
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      Good ideas from eric. You could also smoke them then use them to make a stock. Just sayin' ...


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