Smoked Dauphinoise potatoes

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  1. I made this a couple of weeks back and I'll be making it again and again.

    You will need 4 or 5 large potatoes peeled and sliced as thinly as possible.

    5 or 6 cloves of garlic finely sliced.

    1 large onion finely sliced.

    50grams of butter.

    300mls of double cream

    Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper.

    1 deep foil dish buttered.

    Place a layer of onions on the bottom, then a layer of potatoes, sprinkle the garlic on and season with salt and pepper and then repeat until all your ingredients have run out.  Tear small bits off the butter and place over the top then pour the cream all over it.

    Mine took 2 hours to smoke, but it wasn't cooked all the way through, so put it in the oven for a further 40 minutes to cook thoroughly.

    This is a French recipe taken to another level.

    I used Jack Daniels Barrel wood.

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    DANG SmokingBunny, I'll be making those soon!  Shoot, I'm making them tonight!  Might have to sneak a little cheese in just one of the layers but they sound fantastic!  Thanks for the post!

    Edit: I didn't have time to fire up the smoker so I'm making them in the oven.  I added a layer of thinly sliced yam (not enough white potatoes in the pantry) and a layer of Havarti cheese.  Wow, they smell FANTASTIC!  Will definitely try these in the smoker!
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    Sounds delicious!

    Too bad you didn't get any photo's.

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    SmokingBunny, OMG they were delicious! I'm not a big vegetable preparer, but one of my daughters bought me a kitchen mandoline for Father's Day for slicing and chopping veggies. That device made this recipe a breeze to make.

    I was winging it on oven temp and time. I did 350F for 1hr 20m. They needed another 10 mins but we were so hungry from smelling them we dug in anyway! This is now one of our favorite potato recipes. Thanks again for posting!
  5. Glad that you enjoyed them Noboundaries.[​IMG] that's what sharing is all about.  [​IMG]  

    I'm making then for dinner today.
  6. So made them again today but changed the ingredients slightly.  Instead of using just onion, I used leeks shallots and onion.  Baked them in the oven for an hour and then finished them off in the Smoker.



    Be sure to put a tray underneath your potatoes as the cream bubbles overboard.
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    Those look amazing.  I wasn't planning on going to the store today but I think that just changed!

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