Smoke Like A Pro Pork Smoking kit - updated with Q-View

Discussion in 'Pork' started by backyardsmokin, Jun 15, 2011.

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    Never tried it.

    You may be the first, Let us know how it works out.
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    Looks like they have everything there to get you started.
  3. I got the kits in the mail today and as long as my wife does not go into labor, I plan on trying it out this weekend.
  4. Well, I was able to use the kit this weekend on a 8lb butt purchase from a local butcher.  I also tried a basic rub (Fagundes) that was sold by the butcher.

    The Smoke Like A Pro (SLAP) kit had very clear instructions on how to prep the meat.  I started with the brine solution that was included in the kit  and mixed with 1/2 qt apple juice and 1/2 qt water.  Then using the included injected,  I loaded the meat up with brine every 1 ince on both sides.  This was then cover with the included mephis style rub, wrapped in clear wrap and laid to bed for the night in the fridge.


    Fagundes is on the left and SLAP is on the right getting ready for the grill after their night in the fridge.

    They were placed on the grill at 6:30a and by 8p the temp was only at 180 but they had to be pulled as it was getting close to my bed time. 


     Fagundes is on the left and SLAP is on the right I am not sure if this is a good looking bark or burnt.

    After they took a 1 hr nap in a blanket of foil, it was time for shredding.


    Fagundes butt shredded.


    SLAP butt shredded

    Overall, I felt that the Fagundes was a little more salty than I prefer and a bit drier, but the SLAP was nice and juicy throughout. On bother cases I prefer to have my flavor to go a bit deeper.   I would probably get the SLAP kit again for the $20 that I found it as it does upto 4 butts or 2 shoulders per kit, though I would not pay the full price that he has on his sight.

    In any case,my coworkers loved the pork, though I think free pulled pork had something to them liking it.

    On a side note,  I used my Maverick ET-732 for the first time with this shoulder and I don't know if the temp is off or not because of the fact that the Fagundes butt was dry. 

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