Sirloin tip roast am I going wrong here?

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  1. Does anyone have suggestions for a sirloin tip roast ... I have had it in a cure I have used for a montreal smoked meat style for 3-4 days and am rinsing it now. I was going to put a basic spice mix ... pepper and coriander for a day or two and then cook it this weekend. I am not sure what method to cook though? Thinking of an hour of smoke and a few hours more of a slow cook without smoke until it reaaches temperature. I've considered a quick steam before serving. Your comments would be greatly appreciated ... don't hold back on the criticism! I haven't tried a sirloin tip before and may be barking up the entirely wrong tree!
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    Canuck, you've got a solid Muscle Mass and have had it setting a few days, so care of Microbes enters the equation...

    You'll no-doubt be cooking to Temp. (145° internal ) for Med./ or so... therefore , place the whole Roast on the Grill with smoke caressing it for (1) hr. then introduce a clean probe. This lowers the tendency to inoculate the center of the Muscle with Pathogens in an area that won't get hot enough to dispense them. Smoke for another 1 to 2 hrs. ,wrap with foil and finish to temp. The Smoke will not be as harsh. 

    You'll get other replies , so hold on...

    Have fun and...
  3. Thank you for the advice Old School.  Yes I will be extra careful when handling it ... including the probe.  Doing this tomorrow morning for early afternoon brunch ... I will let you know how it turns out!
  4. By the way ... the bbq in the picture is not mine ... I saw it somewhere on the internet but am hoping to build something similar over the next few years!
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    Brad, morning....  from the recipe, sounds like you are making pastrami...   How did it turn out....  Dave
  6. We invited friends over for brunch around noon and tried a "breakfast fattie" for the first time with spinach, cheese, red peppers and onions for stuffing.  We did eggs separately in a vegetarian fritata, smashed potatoes and a large greek salad  with produce from the garden.  We have some young friends who are eating vegetarian so will have to look into smoked tofu products for future!    

    This all turned out great ... especially for a first time ... lots of new ideas coming to mind for the fattie thing!  The roast ended up finishing a little earlier than expected even though I brough it closer to 155F by the time it sat to finish.  We decided to serve some of this with brunch to test it out and ended up having to carve up more as people liked it so much!  The roast turned out with a subtle smoked pastromi flavour but still the texture of a regular roast and very tender and juicy.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for a little change from the regular Sunday roast beef.  I am looking forward to experimenting with some other flavours for this as well. 

    Lots of leftovers for lunches this week starting with a slice of the breakfast fattie which I am heading off to warm up right now!

    Take care and thanks again for the advice!


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