Shipping of pellets is crazy expensive

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by bertgamble, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. I just ordered my Yoder 480 with the comp cart, but I am starting to think I should have saved the $500 from the cart to spend on pellet shipping costs. This is borderline ridicules.

    I was on the cookingpellets website, and thought that the 40 lb bags of the mix looked good to try, so I put 2 bags in the cart and when I went to check out, the price was $44 for the pellets, and $66 for shipping. Got up to a grand total of $110 for the order, so I didn't place it, in hopes of finding a better deal.

    What do you guys do about this problem? Are there any stores that you can recommend that sell high quality pellets in the SF Bay area or Sacramento? I only want the really good pellets, because if I am going to spend this much on the smoker, I will not go cheap on the fuel.

    Thank you.

  2. bmudd14474

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    Have you tried They are really good on prices and top quality pellets.
  3. I will give them a look. Thank you
  4. gpb11

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    Shipping 40# bags of stuff can be expensive.

    You need to either buy in sufficient quantity that the shipping cost is spread out, or be a bit more clever in looking for your pellets. carries CookinPellets at around $31/40# with free Prime shipping, or free shipping on >$35 I believe.  

    GreenMountainGrills (GMG) has good pellets; look for local GMG dealers as they'll often have pellets in stock.  Also check Academy Sports for B&B pellets, ACE Hardware for Louisiana Grills brand pellets, or other places for Lumberjack brand pellets.

    Basically IMHO if you're paying more than 80 cents per pound you're not looking hard enough.  :)
  5. Thank you. I will check those places.
  6. seenred

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    I'm with gpb11. The only way it makes sense to have pellets shipped to you is to order in bulk quantities so that the per-pound shipping cost is more manageable...unless you wait for a good deal on Amazon and take advantage of their free shipping. The prices on Amazon fluctuate daily, so you have to check back often for best price...I've bought CookinPellets 40# bags on Amazon for as low as $25 each with free shipping when you purchase at least 2 bags.

    Mostly I burn the B&B brand from Academy Sports and Outdoors that gpb11 mentioned. These pellets are rebranded BBQrs Delight. I can get these for around $12 per 20# bag at my local Academy store, and am very satisfied with them.

  7. gpb11

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    Yes, the prices on Amazon can fluctuate. is a good site to look at the price history of products on Amazon so you can gauge how the current price looks in context of past pricing.  They also do price alerts.  $25 is a good price but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it:

    Right now I'm mostly using Louisiana Grills brand Pennsylvania Cherry pellets from Amazon at $22/40# bag.  Claims to be a 40%/60% cherry/maple mix.  Backordered at that price right now, but the order I'd placed at the start of July ended up shipping within a week of ordering.

    My default choice is GMG pellets.  Effectively 70 cents/pound from a GMG dealer six miles away after factoring in his buy-6-get-7th-free punchcard setup.  While B&B from Academy Sports is technically cheaper, the closest store is 30 miles away.  
  8. westby

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    If you have the room, I would highly recommend buying bulk.  Lumberjack pellets on bbqpelletsonline can be gotten for a good deal.  The price per ton is $495 plus shipping.  I paid $550 for a ton ($11 a 40 lb bag), but I live nearby and shipping was inexpensive.

    You can get in on group bulk buys as well and split a ton with 2 or 3 other people.  They will help you organize a bulk buy or you can do it with friends.
  9. gunnerjohn

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    Have you checked out cash & carry in your area? They carry Bear Mountain and they typically beat everyones prices on the pellets. They stock all the flavors in 20lb and have 50lb in hickory and mesquite .
  10. robertwhite

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    I feel your pain, big time.

    There are NO pellet sellers of any kind within a 2 hr drive, and that is at Academy.

    I have tried for a year to find people in my area to split a bulk order and struck out there too. Even had the folks at BBQ online look for someone to split and never heard back. Amazon (cookin' pellets) has been $30+ for some time now and I check every day.

    Pretty much sux. [​IMG]
  11. sawinredneck

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    Not associated but they are close to me and are really good people, try Waltons inc. I just checked and the 40lb bag of Cherry pellets was $25ish, then $8 for economy shipping with a $15 bulky item surcharge.
  12. gpb11

    gpb11 Meat Mopper

    Where are you located?  I think I saw you mention SW TN in another post.  There are GreenMountainGrills dealers in Memphis, Jackson, Union City, Leona TN, and Florence AL if that helps.  I'd imagine at least some of them would carry GMG brand pellets.

    There's also Sears.  They carry Pit Boss Competition Blend and Myron Mixon pellets, either in stock or free ship-to-store depending on the store.  I've used the PB pellets and they were fine, haven't tried the Myron Mixon.

    ACE Hardware carries Louisiana Grills wood pellets with free ship to store as well.  At $32/40# bag they're not as good as Amazon's pricing though.
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  13. mummel

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    What about Target's Pitboss and do store pickup???
  14. gpb11

    gpb11 Meat Mopper

    mummel -- I fear that ship has sailed.  When it was in stock I tried to do a ship-to-store but once in my cart it'd just say not sold at any of the several stores in my area.  Now they're showing out of stock.  Which is a shame because I'd be all over them at the $22/40# current price.
  15. mummel

    mummel Master of the Pit

    Sigh.  I have been watching for a price drop for a couple of weeks.  It says the same for me now.  When did this happen?  Was there a post about it and a mass rush for the pellets?  How did they go out of stock so quickly?
  16. robertwhite

    robertwhite Fire Starter

    I'm by Shiloh. Jackson is an hour and only place that has pellets is the swimming pool place at absolutely ridiculous pricing. Memphis is 2 hrs for Academy. Local ACE has Traeger, who I won't even comment on.

    Usually, I just wait until Amazon drops Cookin' pellets to $27-28 and order a bunch with Prime.
  17. mummel

    mummel Master of the Pit

    Hey thanks to OP for the Sears link.  At least I can still find it there.
  18. bregent

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    gunnerjohn is correct. Cash and Carry is your best bet. Bear Mountain in #20, #33, and #40 for about 50c/lb. Note that I have not been to the Sacto store but suspect that they stock them. Bay Area store always has a big inventory.
  19. westcoastbbq

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    As a newbie smoker from SF-BA myself I am trying to figure this out as well.

    I purchased 200lbs with my grill and so far I am still trying to burn through that (saved on shipping) (so far only burned through about 30lbs through 7 long cooks which I think is great)

    However afterwards I will most likely look for a group buy or buy them from amazon as previously stated for ~$31 a bag and free shipping (prime). is a place that has intruiged me due to prices, however when I tried to contact them I got no response. Not sure if this is actually a live website/product anymore but if it is, might need to be the "go-to" solution.

    There are a couple vendors that sell cookinpellets locally, but at $35 + tax + gas, id rather just have them be hand delivered by amazon.
  20. robertwhite

    robertwhite Fire Starter

    $15 bulky item charge PER bag!!!

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