Sealing Silver Smoker Firebox Door

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by elkhorn98, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Anyone seal it? There are basically gaps all the way around the door. Or is it worth it? On my 1st smoke I closed everything and had a hard time controlling the grill temp.
  2. lcruzen

    lcruzen Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Yes it is worth the effort and I'd include the smoke chamber door also. Stove gasket rope works well and some have used high temp caulk.
  3. Yeah I mean the side door with the air intake controls on it. I haven't seen how anyone has sealed that door up.
  4. lcruzen

    lcruzen Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Sorry about the confusion. I didn't bother with that door as it seemed to aid in the air intake.
  5. roksmith

    roksmith Meat Mopper OTBS Member

    wondering why would would ever want to seal that off?

    You never want to completely choke off air to a fire. A choked fire throws off nasty smoke.

    If you are having temp issues to the point you think you need to close off the air supply that much, then you are building too big of a fire to begin with.

    Sealing the cooking container makes sense....but I wouldn't waste my time trying to seal off the firebox.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I sealed the main door on the firebox and smoker chamber so I should be good to go. And I will make a smaller fire next time.
  7. coyote-1

    coyote-1 Smoking Fanatic

    IMO you want the firebox lid to seal as tightly as possible. This directs smoke and heat into the smoke chamber, where it is put to work. Too much lid leakage means you're losing a boatload of heat and smoke to the atmosphere, which is no help whatsoever in maintaining or utilizing your fire. In fact, leaks at the lid prompted me to return my first firebox in exchange for the floor model, which I knew sealed very well.
    I'm not so convinced that sealing the smoke chamber is such an awesome thing. At least not with the CGSP or SnP, or other units where the entire top half opens. Here's why: The first mod most of us do is extend the stack down to grate level. When you think about it, aren't leaks around the edges of the lid essentially equal in effect?

    I suppose if I had a Black Diamond type smoker, I would consider sealing the smoke chamber lid if I noticed it was leaking significantly from the top or sides.
  8. roksmith

    roksmith Meat Mopper OTBS Member

    Sealing the lid? Yup, I would do that as well. The door he was refering to is on the side of the firebox..designed to allow you to add wood/charcoal without opening the top and letting all the heat out.

    Sealing the cooking container provides more turbulents...faster moving air, which is good.

    If your cooking chamber leaks much, you don't get good air flow and/or a good strong draw up thru your stack. The better your seal, the faster your air moves thru the cooking container.

    Plus...the smoke doesn't get "all in your face" when you are tring to stand by your smoker and drink a brew....or twelve..
  9. coyote-1

    coyote-1 Smoking Fanatic

    OK, you've convinced me. [​IMG]
  10. pinkmeat

    pinkmeat Smoking Fanatic

    Well, if it's 5 or more, you need to sit down and enjoy. That the way the standing up part is more and more fun.....

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