SC BBQ Association - "BBQ at the Beach" contest results

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    Results of the BBQ at the Beach contest, held Apr. 4th-5th at the Beaver Bar in Murrells Inlet:
    1Buckwheat BBQ15.6571
    2All Smoked Up15.5857
    3Ultimate Tailgaters BBQ15.4286
    4Big Butts BBQ Gang15.3429
    5S'Lowcountry Q15.1583
    6Swine Time15.1429
    7Pig Daddys BBQ15.0071
    9Doko Smoke BBQ14.9250
    10Elite BBQ Smokers14.6333
    11Big Boy BBQ14.5333
    12Smokin, Esso B's14.3143
    13Pork Q Pine13.8714
    14Brothers BBQ13.4917
  2. Mark, that stuff is wild!

    They take their BBQ & Smoke quite seriously indeed!! When moving, will I need a Lang just to be a legal resident? Smiles. So fun to see!

    Cheers! - Leah

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