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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by up in smoke, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. There was a thread on economical sausage stuffers (not the worm gear ones like Kitchen Aid attachments) and I can’t seem to find it…can any one help an old feeble elder in his (probably last) quest in life! Bless you! [​IMG][​IMG] And me with no prehensil tail to speak of, elst I would be a chasin’ it!
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    Hello, Carl!

    Prehensil tails notwithstanding I poked "stuffer" into the search function of the site and came up with two pages of sausage and grinder and stuffer stuff. WOW! Sure are a lotta related posts!

    Do you have a specific question about stuffers?
    If so, let it fly!

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    This thread is titled perfect to start new questions. I have a 4 qt and an 8 qt Enterprise. I am looking to upgrade to a Sausage Maker or LEM brand. For the money, what is the best sausage stuffer on the market?

    What I am looking at is a 15 lb, and the Sausage Maker is $350 plus shipping and the LEM is $300 plus tax. Both appear to have the same design. I have looked at others and they appear to have a different air relief design and I from what I have seen and used I like the 2 I listed.
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  6. Yeah, I just bought a inexpensive vertical stuffer from Northern Industries, looks like that 5 lb. grizzly, only my gears are white! For all the stuffing I do, I just wanted something that wouldn’t turn my venison jalapeno cheese stick to a smeary yellow mess like those electric meat grinder/stuffers. I just generally make sausage once or twice a year, what’s the word on these 5 lbers? [​IMG]
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    I got sausage tubes with my Lem electric grinder and went to right back to the vertical stuffer.

    Carl I love my vertical stuffer beats the heck out of the ole knuckle buster grinder/stuffers. I think we had about 6 people buy them when I first posted last winter.

    The Grizzly I got has white nylon gears too. At the time the Northern and the grizzzly appeared to be identical but my Grizzly was $59 and the Northern was like $79 so I went with the Grizzly. It appears they changed the gears right after I bought mine. It's not that big a deal to add more meat you run out of casing anyway... I usually only make 10 to 15 pounds of sausages at a time about once or twice a month. The 5 lber works well for me.
  8. Thanx Debi! that’s all I needed to know. If I wasn’t so honest, I’d go poach a deer right now, cause I’m outa deer meat as you already know! dammit! Maybe I’ll accidently run one over! [​IMG]

    Hi Monty![​IMG]
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    Hi, Carl! [​IMG]

    Good to be on the kibbutz again! If you had a job with the PA Highway Dept, I work for the VT Highway Dept, you could be in line for a lot of venison.

    Good luck in your search for a good stuffer. I make my sausage into patties suitable for breakfast sandwiches and chubs for fatties. Takes a lot of the labor outta my love for sausage. I still do stuff but the bulk methods are more suited to my short time availability.

    Hoping you are well!

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    Yep that's the one! Thanks Chad!
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    I picked up a Weston 11 lb vertical stuffer and felt like spending a little more money so I also got the foot controlled motor. I got mine from

    They have a good selection of everything you need to process your own meat. from grinders to knives, to freezer paper, to turkey fryers, to vacuum sealers.
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    Hey Carl, you don't have to poach a deer. Just get smart like I did and hit one with your pickup! Oh, your way ahead of me! For what ever its worth, by the time I paid $3200 to get the pickup pounded out, I might coulda bought a whole beef cheaper. Terry

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