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    Sliced salted and punched down about 12 pounds of cabbage, Mom picked up 4 heads at .09 cents a pound, I think Acme has it for 58 cents a pound.

    Yep that's right no PICTURES

    I decided not to take any pictures of my food ever again, because last week a bunch of guys in white suits came in when I was filming my Sous Vide stuff, My wife must have known what was going on because she opened the door to let them in and said, "he's over there talking to that machine", and then they put me in this very uncomfortable jacket and threw me in a white room.

    The room was nice but oddly, there were no windows and I couldn't find the door, well, finding the door really did not matter much because this weird jacket I was wearing immobilized my arms, I guess whoever invented this jacket is in the poor house! What if I had to pee! I did have fun bouncing off the walls and rolling around like I was on fire thinking to myself,  I haven't had this much fun since Bounce U.

    Anyhow after speaking to like seven people that were dressed in very nice suits one very nice lady was wearing a lab coat, much like mine, but she could move her hands, they seemed to be ignoring me as they wrote in a notebook, I still don't know why they were being rude as I talked and they just kept taking notes, I figured they were working on their shopping list or something.

    Afterwards, they gave me these big yellow pills and sent me home with my wife.

    I still don't know what happened but I'm feeling MUCH better.
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