Santa Maria style Chicken on the grill

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  1. I cooked up a couple of chickens today. One was 5.5Lb and the other was 6Lb. After cleaning and cutting them in half I covered them in olive oil then sprinkled on my rub(Salt, Pepper and Garlic Salt).

    I cooked them on Natural Oak charcoal and Red Oak chunks.

    I kept the flame in the back and the coal to the front.


    Once they got to about 140* I tossed in a couple handfuls of Apple wood chips.


    My wife likes a little more char than I do so two of them got a little bit of a skin burn.


    Although all the pics are breast up, I'm a flipper. I flipped them over or flipped top to bottom about 10 times.

    One was destined for my belly and the other my wife chopped up and is taking to work tomorrow. As I was typing this I heated up a bit more and enjoyed a great midnight snack.
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  2. what a great way to smoke chicken [​IMG]

    they look great .
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    Great looking Chix!...JJ
  4. I grew up on the Central Coast about 15 minutes from Santa Maria.  The secret to authentic santa maria style chicken is to steam it with beer after it has been cooked.  A Tamale steamer will work.  Any kind of beer.
  5. Nice color on the chicken.

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