Sad day my Lang came today...

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by hwynboy, Jul 8, 2011.

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    I hope you have better luck than i did with CharBroil and work out an acceptable resolution.

    But if all else fails as happened with my CharBroil Bandera and you paid by credit card, call the credit card company and tell them to reverse the charges.  Once that is done, contact Lang and tell them the smoker is at your house and they are welcome to make whatever disposition of it including return crating and shipping at their expense they wish. Tell them they have 60 days and then the smoker will be trashed...whether you really do that or not may be another story!
  2. From what I can see from the pictures, it really looks to me like the caster wasn't welded very well. I can't see any welds on the caster plate which says to me that there was no / poor penetration.  I would be concerned with the rest of the welds as well if it were me.  Maybe the welder had an off day when he put this one together.  Of course that doesn't excuse the shipper.
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    Once the castors broke thru the particle board the forklift operator either loading or unloading the smoker hit the castor w/ the fork snapping it off at the weld. 
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    Must have been a teamster.........
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    Not a big deal.  I agree with others it doesn't look like the caster was welded very well ask for a discount to the amount of shipping and either take it to a local metal fab for fixing or rent a mig welder and do it yourself 
  6. ...and that's damage from shipping (trucking) across the U.S., imagine what things look like that get tossed onto a shipping container and travel across the ocean, get unloaded into a holding facility, moved again by another trucking company and dumped off by workers who clearly do not give a rats butt about YOUR new whatever.  

    Sounds like they are going to treat you right in the end, but I too would ask for something for the inconvenience.

    Let us know how it turns out!

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    Well the saga still continues, I finally received a call yesterday saying that Lang shipped me out a new one!  But I am not sure it's a NEW one or just the old one they got back that has been fixed....either way... three weeks later a new one is in transit.  This has been a very long journey.
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    And a very rare one from what I understand.  Hope the new smoker arrives in good condition.  Take my word for this,  12 months from now after cooking on that smoker for a while you will have completely forgotten this aggravation
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    After many weeks of waiting and not being able to do anything my Lang arrived today.  I got it broken in with a steam bath and everything =)...It's all seasoned and finally ready to smoke this weekend.  I must say through this whole process Lang and Ben particularly was amazing, R and L Carriers left a LOT to be desired.  They wanted me to pay for the shipping again even though they broke the first one.  They never offered ANYTHING as a sorry or for your inconvenience to make things right.  I had to fight to the bitter end to have them re-ship a new smoker weeks after they broke the first one.  Needless to say Lang builds a quality smoker in my opinion and Ben is a delight to deal with.  Enjoy the pictures.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Man there would be smoking around there but it would not be the Lang....I know you were bummed...That one looks great I know your looking forward to using it...
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    [​IMG]on your new smoker.
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    You seasoned by spraying with a Pam knock off and keeping it hot for an hour or so?  You should steam clean before or after every smoke.  I've noticed that I need to take the grates off and scrape out the grease every once in a while.    If you are going to store outside you may want to get a big can of no name Crisco an give the outside of the smoker a heavy coat.  Cure the outside of the smoker to prevent rust

    Glad you finally got the smoker, take care of it and it will last you a lifetime. 

    What's on the Menu this weekend?

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    Glad to see your finally up & running!
  14. hwynboy

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  15. alblancher

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    You're a Whale!  All In for the Weekend.  In Vegas terms.  Good luck with your first smoke don't forget to take some pictures, that will give your friends something to laugh about.

    If you are going to store it outside I would definitely cure the exterior surfaces.  They should be kept out of the weather if possible but I understand that building a new patio just for the smoker may not be possible.

    You'll be ok for a while with the factory paint but once everything gets good and hot a couple of times you'll start noticing some rust spots.  Mine is kept under cover in a garage and I have rust spots on the firebox already.

    Good Luck  

    If you have any questions just ask

  16. hwynboy

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    So if I'm planning on keeping it outdoors, would you recommend a coat with pam cooking spray on the exterior and then firing it all up?
  17. alblancher

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    I have gotten advice from some of the more experienced Lang users on this forum to treat the rust with grease.   Knock off the rust, rub in some no name Crisco shortening and cook a while.  I don't know the value of doing it this early on a new smoker.  Maybe once you see a bit of rust would be a good time to do it.  I'd hate to tell you to make a sticky mess this early in the season if it doesn't cure properly.  Get a couple of good smokes under your belt then one day when you are finishing up a smoke and you still have a good fire going rub down a section and see  what happens.  Let it cure on there just like you did with the inside.  I am treating my firebox that way and it seems to work out pretty well.  This isn't a one time thing, I'd just hate to have you do it this early, if you do have paint problems like excessive rust I'd hate to be Ben Lang with the phone call.   Hey Ben, my smoker is rusting like crazy,  yea what happened,  some guy on the forum told me to rub it down with Crisco.  That idiot, if you had a paint problem I could fix it, but with all that darn grease on it, to bad!  

    Let me get you a couple of names to pm if they don't respond to the thread.

  18. hwynboy

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    sounds great...thanks for the advice.
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    Session dataI'm glad that they were able to fix everything for ya.

    Session data
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  20. hwynboy

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    Ok guys here are the final results from the weekend.  Al I hope you like these pictures...  I smoked the shoulder with cherry wood, great flavor, but man what a pain to keep feeding that thing every 10-20 minutes with wood..that thing burns hella fast.[​IMG][​IMG]


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