Rub on over night?

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by riggins44, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Hello I have been smoking for about 7 years I live in the north east. I have a old country off set smoker use charcoal and wood logs.

    I usually put my rub on the night before doing a small beef brisket tomorrow about 6 lbs
    Just wondering what fellow smokers thoughts are on this?
    Keep smoking!!!!
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    For brisket I usually just use S&P, and rub it while the smoker is getting up to temp.

  3. mike5051

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    I always apply rub while the smoker is getting up to temp.  

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    I like to let rubs sit overnight on big thick cuts of meat such as brisket, smaller steaks and such are good with just an hour or two sitting in the fridge.
    Just as long as the salts have plenty of time to dissolve and absorb/penetrate into the meat.
    It's all about the salt and it helping the meat retain water, i.e. stay moist and juicy.
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    I do salt before rub a couple hours on the brisket. Brisket rub the day of smoke . Pork I do rub night before, all rub on a few hours in advance.
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  6. Salt is the important thing to apply ahead of time. It's also the only thing that will actually penetrate the meat.
    The science (google "the science of rubs") shows that the size of the rub particles, even ones that dissolve, are too large to penetrate solid muscle meats EXCEPT rubbing the night before doesn't really have any advantage...
    I usually pre salt my meat the night before, use a "salt lite" or "salt free" rub which I apply while the smoker is warming up.
    That being said, it certainly does not hurt anything to rub the night before.

  7. biaviian

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    With beef I put on the rub as the smoker warms.  If it is pork I put the rub on the day before.  I don't know why.

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