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  1. What are your thoughts on round verses square fire boxes? I have found a couple of old smaller round propane tanks that went on a truck that are around 18 inches in diameter. Really cheap and to buy the steel to build the square would cost a lot more but I wouldn't mind if the square is a lot better. I know if I buy the steel I will probably get 1/4" not sure how thick the tanks are I'm guessing they would be close maybe 1/8 to 3/16's . I live in Mississippi so we don't get that cold even in the winter time so heat loss prob wont be a huge problem . This is going on my 80 Gal RF Build. Thoughts??
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    Newsitesmokers, I have had both and really think the square is the best , just because it drains better. The clean-outis easier and it can hold more fule if needed.

    Of course this an on hand item and would be cheaper, they work good in more drier zones.

    Do what feels good and...
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    As long as you don't short yourself in cubic inches ( 1/3 the volume as the cook chamber ), the round fireboxes are more efficient at transfering heat into the cook chamber.  As previously stated the clean out becomes more difficult, but you can make yourself a scraping tool with a radius that takes care of that problem. 
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