Rookie Smoking Ribs In Need of Help

Discussion in 'Pork' started by thombr25, Oct 3, 2014.

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    I just bought a Bradly digital smoker and am in need of some advice.  I tried my first batch of ribs a few weeks back and feel there is room for improvement.  I bought two big slabs of back ribs that I had to cut in half to fit on the racks in the smoker so we are talking four slabs of ribs (used a dry rub).  I set the smoker to 220 degrees and tried the 2-2-1 method as explained to me (2 hours in the smoke bone side down, 2 hours in foil with apple juice(no smoke) meat side down, and the last hour out of the foil back in the smoke bone side down).  The end product had great flavor but the ribs were tough.  I'm looking for the fall of the bone tender ribs.  Is this a problem of time or temp.? or both?  Giving it another shot this weekend so any help is appreciated.  Thanks!
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    They needed to cook longer, especially at 220F if you stick to 220. You can bump the temp up to 235F and stick with 2-2-1, then poke with a toothpick and do the bend test before you take them out of the smoker.
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  3. I would double check the temp you are cooking at.

    I have used this method several times in my Cookshack smoker and you can slide the bone out of the meat with no trouble.
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    Big thick ribs need 3-2-1 at 220 degrees. You can always tell by probing. If the probe slips in and out with no resistance they will be tender.
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    Not an expert with a Bradley but IMO 220 was a bit low, even for 'low & slow' smoking. I do mine at 250 (+/-) as the temp fluctuates some. I find I now prefer a straight 6 hours (again +/- some) without the foiling UNLESS I'm doing a Johnny Trigg style with the honey, Tiger Sauce and Parkay foiling. I rely on the toothpick stab, looking for no resistance, and the 'bend test' by holding the slab with tongs in the middle somewhere and seeing how they droop. There is a group that likes the 'fall off the bone' with no tug and I believe many of them will foil with juice longer, thus steaming the ribs somewhat. To each his right or just have to find the system that suits you & the families preference.....Willie
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