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    My wife bought me a 18.5 WSM for Christmas this past year. Unfortunately, shortly after I received this wonderful gift I was transferred to New Orleans for work. Sadly, the smoker has been sitting in our garage since I unwrapped it. Adding salt to the wound I gave up meat for lent so I haven't been able to use it when I come home. So, this Saturday I will breaking my lent promise by a day to smoke some delicious meats and I need y'alls help.

    1. Should I trim the fat from the brisket. I see most people that trim the fat leave about 1/4" of fat on the brisket. I feel like many of the briskets you get in restaurants don't trim until the trim the fat until the brisket is fully cooked. That is how they do it at a couple of restaurants in Texas (Rudy's and Salt Lick)

    2. How many wood chunks should I use? How much charcoal should I use?

    3. Sand vs. Water: Which should I use? Is one better than the other?

    4. Hrs/lb. I see most people say about 1.5 Hrs/lb.

    5. Wet Marinade vs. Dry Rub? I have this killer coffee rub that I use on steaks and I wondered if it would translate well to a brisket.

    I would also like to smoke some sausage. Should I buy the raw sausage links that you can guy in the grocery store? How long do they take until they are ready to eat?

    Is there anything that I am missing? I would really appreciate y'alls help.


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