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  1. Good afternoon just thought I would share something that yi put on the smoker for dinner this last Sunday night . First to grab the pork tenderloin and clean it all up and get rid of the fat and silver skin . Then marinated it in just an Italian dressing then I took it out Rinsed off and patted dry. Then cut into strips just about a 1/2 inch shorter then a pice of bacon . Then i put a strip of mustered down one side of the piece of pork tenderloin. Then i put a piece of bacon on the cutting board then placed the piece of pork mustard side dowm and rolled it up so the bacon is on the out side then repeat until tenderloin is gone. In the mean while my smoker is all set to go on 375.degrees and i am using Apple and maple mix wood pellet. I just put them on long wooden skiers so they are easier to turn. Then put them on the smoker and put some bbq sauce on the top side . Smoked for 10 minutes then flipped and the added bbq sauce to that side and cooked another 9 minutes and they where done 150 degrees i would have taken them off at 140 but the bacon just wasn't ready yet lol. They where delicious I am sorry I didn't get a whole lot of pictures but here are a few that I did
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    Nice, they look delicious!!
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    Looks great papa t! Hard to beat a little pork on pork action!  [​IMG]  Thanks for posting, David.
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    They look fantastic!


  5. Nice !!    Very Tasty Looking I'll bet they were good.   [​IMG]

  6. Thanks everyone i really appreciate the feed back! Love the pork on pork action had me rolling Lmao. And they where Delicious thanks for the points they mean a lot everyone
    Papa t
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    They look great,pre cooking the bacon some can help get crispy bacon.
  8. Thanks for the tip. I didn't think of it for this.

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