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  1. Looking for suggestions on this smoker i picked up.I have a large smoker we use for cold smoking bacon,fish etc in very large batches,it is piped underground from a 45gallon drum which smolders sawdust.Since joining this forum i wood like to be able to do some hot smoking without the need for cure #1.Looking to put pid and 1500w element in this.It is 2'x2'x5' is insulated with white solid styrofoam and covered in tin foil and foil tape,any thoughts on wat i could use to better cover up this styrofoam?stainless is out of my price range.Also is 1500w gonna be enough to heat this space up to roughly 200-260?all suggestions appreciated:)
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    no pictures
  3. No pics?I see pics lol,not very good with computers:)
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  4. Nice rebuild there....u recieved so much advice on the smoker i wasnt sure if i should post🙄regardless keep up the good work out there bud and hopefully it all works out😃Thanks to everyone else who commented on this project😬

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