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  1. I've smoked ribs many different ways, 3-2-1 and basic plain smoking but never have i had them come out this way, not shure what i did right or wrong, but perfection,

    i started this morning got the ribs out and opened them up to find kinda a bad smell but i washed them off.
    there tyson brand and they were on sale but i washed them and put on a bunch of rub and let them sit for an hr while i got the smoker up and going.
    I did the 3-2-1 again started the smoke at 1 pm and went to sleep on the couch for 3 hrs got up and foiled them but i didnt have any apple juice so i watered down some SWEET BABY RAYS bbq sauce and put that in and back into the smoker for 2 hrs and then uncoverd them for 1 more hour, the whole cook time was 7 hrs and come to think of it i never once checked the meat temp, the smoker temp tho was in the range of 250-275
    the meat turned out like ham and not a whiter color.
  2. I know I read somewhere that if there is too much salt, the end product will taste like ham. I don't know what the content of your rub and the watered down bbq sauce was. Very well sounds like the rack could've been the problem though with an off smell.
  3. They were packed in a solution.............basically brines the ribs and makes them "hammy". Whatever you did it look's like they were edible![​IMG]
  4. Ya man......looks great, awesome smoke penetration[​IMG]
  5. seaham358

    seaham358 OTBS Member

    they look real gooooood

    Nice smoke..
  6. richoso1

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    If they taste like they look... you've got a winner.
  7. I agree with Rich. Those look mighty fine!
  8. I am confused.

    If I ever opened a package of meat and found an odd smell I would discard it and start again.

    How can you recognize a "Bad smell" and still consider preparing and serving this to you family and/or friends?
  9. man those were good.

    the bbq is was the same, the rub is the same and not salty at all but i did put in some jamaican jerk seasoning (1oz to 2 cups of my rub) to give it alittle bite.
    I've used tyson brand before and i agree the solution might have been alittle stronger (bottem of the batch stuff maby) but the meat didnt smell like it was bad or anything.
  10. goat

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    I think that the extra salt and smoke gave you the color. If you will send me a sample, I will verify the taste. I am not scared.
  11. i dont know goat, there was no extra salt in the rub and it was just hickory wood i used.
    i got 2 more slabs of ribs and try and do it the same, if ithey come out the same way, and from all the ribs ive done in the past, am i like the "grasshopper in trainning" and ive achieved a level in smoking ribs?
    i gave away most to neighborers and they thought it was the best but im
    not willing to toot my own horn untill i can do this more then once.

    I cant brag untill i know what went on or went right.
    Maby i advanced to a new level i dont know,
    but i have to do it again and again to make shure.
    no bragging rights just yet[​IMG]
  12. Looks like you found another way to cure pork ... ham on a bone if you will.
    Your story reminds me of a history teacher of mine, that told of some pork chops forgotten on the kitchen counter that he scraped the 'hair' off and grilled ... he said they were the most tasty and tender he had ever eaten.
    I would call that nature's tenderizer ... [​IMG][​IMG]
    At any rate, I'll bet they were great!

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